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Falkenstein Friday: The Fortune Deck

Hello and welcome, friends!

As any fan of Castle Falkenstein knows, the Players of our beloved game of High Adventure in the Age of Steam use not dice but cards to determine their Fortune. Any standard poker deck will do but, when Fat Goblin Games held the line in their capable hands, they released an official Castle Falkenstein Fortune Deck.

Today, we gladly offer the Fortune Deck to the Hosts and Players of Castle Falkenstein free of charge. In the link below, the curious and the determined will discover a PDF containing every card, from Ace to King, in all four suits as well as the card backs. Printed double-sided and centered on card stock, they should make quite the lovely deck.

There also exists in the folder a ZIP file containing JPGs of each card as well as one JPG of the card back. These can be uploaded to various Virtual Tabletops for use in games of Castle Falkenstein played via the Analytical Engine Telegraphic Network.

As promised, here is the link. Please enjoy!

We hope you enjoy!

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