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The Big GenCon Witcher Sale!

GenCon’s virtual this year and we were feeling sad about not being able to make the annual pilgrimage to Indianapolis. To cheer ourselves up, we’ve bundled all our Witcher TRPG stuff together and put it on sale!

Over on the R. Talsorian Games webstore, you can order the physical copies of The Witcher TRPGLords and Lands, and our brand new A Witcher’s Journal for only $70! That’s would normally be $105 all together.

On DriveThruRPG you can grab the same bundle in PDF format for $31.77! That’s discounted from a normal price of $47.99 for all three books. And the best part is, if you only pay for the PDFs you don’t own yet when you buy the bundle!

The sale ends Sunday 8/2 at midnight Eastern.

Keep your swords sharp!

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  1. So this is what we are getting for GenCon? No Cyberpunk Red other than the live plays? We have been waiting a long time for that game.

    • We love big GenCon releases. We’d love to drop Red core right now but we can’t because it just isn’t ready yet. There’s still work to do with our printer, our distributors, and retailers. They’ve been hit hard by COVID and we want to support them as best we can.

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