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Where to Watch Our GenCon Seminars!

Gen Con 2020 went online this year due to COVID-19 and we went with it! We ran (or participated) in a number of seminars on Twitch. Special thanks to our friends at WanderingDMHintPlays, and HighShelfGaming for hosting us! Check out their Actual Play content! And like the videos and subscribe to their channels!

One of the big advantages of going online is our hosts were able to put them up for viewing on demand right away. Here they are!

Cyberpunk Seminars

All Things Dark and Cyberpunk

Maximum Mike Pondsmith and James Hutt, the Mayor of Balance Town, discuss the creation of Cyberpunk Red and answer questions.

The Art of Cyberpunk Red

RTG Art Director Jaye Kovach and RTG General Manager Cody Pondsmith discuss the process of making art for Cyberpunk Red. You’ll see a few new pieces in this one!

How to Cyberpunk

We can’t claim credit for this! Three of our Twitch friends, all expert Cyberpunk GMs, got together to discuss how to run cyberpunk-themed games!

Witcher Seminars

What’s Up with the Witcher

Witcher TRPG lead developer Cody Pondsmith holds court, talking about the game. He reveals details about the next few books!

The Art of the Witcher TRPG

RTG Art Director Jaye Kovach and  Witcher Leade Developer Cody Pondsmith discuss the process of making art for A Witcher’s Journal for The Witcher TRPG. See art go from concept to finished piece!

Other Seminars

Portfolio Overviews

RTG designer James Hutt joins our art director, Jaye Kovach, as she discusses how to build an online portfolio. What works and what doesn’t. A great workshop for artists!





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