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Cyberpunk Humble Bundle Goes Live!

We’re humbled to be part of this bundle (boo hiss for the pun!). Humble Bundle is doing a Cyberpunk bundle that includes all the currently available PDFs for 2013 and 2020 as well as the Cyberpunk RED Jumpstart Kit.

Our cause is AbleGamers. Please check it out!





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  1. I just beat the videogame and read a bit of the RPG book 2020 2nd ed. What kind of content are these books? (I havent been able to find a buyers guide for this). Catalogs, novels, more RPG rules?

    • Sorry for the delayed response. We were closed for the holidays. The bundle was a near complete collection of the Cyberpunk 2020 core rulebook, all the sourcebook (lore and rules and gear), and the Cyberpunk RED Jumpstart Kit (a beginner box for the new edition).

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