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Cyberpunk RED Alert: Status Update 11.19.20

Morning, choombas! Here’s what’s up with Cyberpunk RED.

The physical book is now on sale at our webstore! Please keep in mind we are not participating as a retailer in Bits and Mortar. That means if you’re buying from us you won’t get the PDF as a bonus. For that you need to go to a friendly local gaming store.

Speaking of which, thousands of books have shipped out and are now in the distribution chain. It’ll still take time to get from distributors to stores (especially outside the United States) but we’ll shout as soon as we start seeing it in the wild.

If you’re just wanting a digital copy, you can pick it up at DriveThruRPG.

Finally, if you missed the announcement yesterday: We’ve teamed up with Humble Bundle to raise money for AbleGamers by offering a massive bundle of Cyberpunk 2020 books (and the Cyberpunk RED Jumpstart Kit). Check it out!





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  1. I received my CyberPunk RED Core Rulebook and all is can say is Wow!! The layout is amazing! The Life Path’s are incredible! The art is stunning! And the character options are astounding! The wait was beyond worth it! Highly recommended Choomba’s! Two cybernetic thumbs way up!!

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