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Shipping Update

Hello! With the release of Cyberpunk RED so close to the holiday season, we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of orders at our webstore. That has slowed down our processing time by a day or two. We’re also noticing a slowdown in delivery and several customers have contacted us about their order seeming to be stalled in the “pre-delivery” stage when they check the tracking information on the USPS website.

Checking into the matter with our fulfillment service, it does look like the orders are shipping out but the information isn’t being updated. The problem seems to be a combination of factors including the the normal holiday season increase layered on top of an already huge bump in online shopping due to the pandemic. Our working theory is this has resulted in a breakdown in tracking information getting updated as well as a slow down in delivery times. We’re continuing to check in on the matter.

In the meantime, we’re temporarily switching carriers from USPS to FedEx. If you find your order is stalled or missing (it is more than five business days past when you placed the order and the tracking information still lists it as pre-delivery) please let us know via our contact form so we can make alternate arrangements to get you your books. Please be sure to include your order number.

Thank you for your patience and your support. We know this can be a frustrating time in an already frustrating year but we will absolutely do our best to get you your order so you can escape into Night City, the Continent, anime high schools, giant robot battles, and New Europa.



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