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Witcher Update

Winters greetings to you all from RTG HQ!

With the release of Cyberpunk RED last November, we’ve been pretty focused on all things Dark Future. That doesn’t mean we’ve been slacking off on the Witcher TRPG, though! Behind the scenes our Witcher team has been hard at work on the line. We’ve previously announced the two books we’re putting out next:

Book of Tales, a compendium of adventures plus some juicy new options for players and gamemasters.

Tome of Chaos, our sourcebook for magic in the Dark World of the Witcher.

As we type, Book of Tales has entered layout, meaning all the words and pictures are being stitched together into a final product. Tome of Chaos, meanwhile, is deep in the design and writing phase. Cody Pondsmith is lead on Tome of Chaos, of course, but the book also features strong design work by James Hutt (the Mayor of Balance Town), lore writing by Lisa Pondsmith, and additional material from Linda Evans and Sara Thompson. We’re also pleased to announce Tome of Chaos will mark the RTG writing and design debut of Simon Goudreault aka the WanderingDM! Take a moment to go follow them all on Twitter!

Other projects are being worked on but we’re not ready to announce those quite yet!

Sorry for the tease there. How about we make it up to you with a peek at the cover art for Book of Tales, as rendered by the amazing team at Bad Moon Studios! Their art have previously appeared in A Witcher’s Journal and Cyberpunk RED! If you’re looking for someone to do art for your project we can’t recommend them enough!

If you’re thinking “Are all the adventures in Book of Tales just stories Dandelion is belting out at a tavern while drunkenly standing on a table?” then you’re wrong! The adventures are all stories of your Witcher adventuring group being sung by Dandelion while he’s drunkenly standing on a table!

That’s all for this week! Rest assured, even though Cyberpunk RED is in the spotlight, we’re eagerly working on new Witcher material. Book of Tales, Tome of Chaos, and beyond. We’re not ready to hang our silver and steel swords quite yet, friends!

Until next time, keep your blade sharp!

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  1. Awesome! Witcher, currently is my favorite RPG! So exciting that you were developing other books during this time.

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