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RTG Update: TotalCon

Good morning, you Primitive Screwheads!

This weekend RTG had the opportunity to participate in not one but two virtual conventions! We want to thank the organizers at TotalCon and Virtual Horror Con for their savvy and hard work!

In addition to running games and sitting on topic-specific panels, the R. Talsorian crew gathered together on Saturday night for a “What’s up at RTG” seminar to talk about our current and future projects. A lot of folks couldn’t be there and the seminar wasn’t recorded, so we thought we’d post the data we shared there with you here.

The TotalCon What’s Up at RTG Panel!

The Witcher TRPG

Book of Tales, a collection of six adventures for the Witcher TRPG is currently in layout. After layout and final checks are finished, the book will visit CD Projekt Red in Poland for approvals and then off to the printer it goes! Cody mentioned that the adventures are all framed as “absolutely true tales because he would never lie” stories as told by the one and only Dandelion. Cody also dropped a tasty tidbit, noting Book of Tales will have rules for playing not only Gnomes but Vran and Werebubbs Characters as well!

Tome of Chaos, the book all about magic, is in the middle of development and playtesting. There’ll be new spells and hexes, new invocations, expansions of Priests and Druids into their own separate professions, rules for making non-Mage characters who have innate magical gifts, information about both the religious and magical factions on the Continent, rules for necromancy and demons and, perhaps most importantly, a good breakdown on how tyromancy works. If you can’t start your day via cheese divination, after all, what kind of mage are you?

Finally, Cody hinted at the next book to go into development after Tome of Chaos: Rodolf’s Guide to the Continent. What’s inside? We can’t tell yet but from the title, we bet you have some guesses!

Cyberpunk RED

The Cyberpunk RED Data Screen (aka our GM screen) is finished and at the printer for proofing. As soon as we’ve made sure it looks the way it is supposed to, we’ll hit the go button and get them made, shrinkwrapped, and sent out to stores ASAP. Like the Witcher GM Screen, Lords and Lands, the Cyberpunk RED Data Screen will be four panels of critical information on beautifully thick and sturdy board stock. Unlike the Witcher GM Screen, the Data Screen will be its own product and not include additional content in the form of a booklet.

The Cyberpunk RED Data Pack is currently in development. This will be a set of useful tools for Players and Gamemasters, including a pad of Character sheets, additional maps akin to what can be found in the Cyberpunk RED Jumpstart Kit, and a booklet containing new Screamsheet adventures and some additional goodies we’re not quite ready to talk about yet.

We’ve talked about Black Chrome before. Mike gave a bit more data there. Black Chrome will be the first in a series of “stuff” books but it won’t just be a “Sharper Image” type catalogue. Each Chrome will focus on a different aspect of the economy of the Time of the Red. Black Chrome will give new options for gear and weapons, yes, but also explain how things get found/made and sold. The next book in the series, Rusted Chrome, will focus on the supply chain and how things get from point A to point B. In the Time of the Red, that generally means Nomads.

Beyond that, Mike offered hints of possible future books but it should be noted there’s no promise on the order of release. There will likely be more of a look at the Highriders, possibly as part of a third Chrome, and at the Net itself. Mike seemed pretty excited about exploring Afrofuturism in Cyberpunk universe!

The 2077 sourcebook is still being planned but isn’t being rushed. CD Projekt Red has expansions planned, after all, and we want to make sure the 2077 sourcebook is stuffed full of the information you want in order to play in that era.

Other Games

We did touch on other games, briefly, noting we haven’t abandoned any of the lines. We’re a small company, so we do have to focus on the here and now but we’re also planning for the future. Just because our other lines, like Teenagers from Outer Space, Castle Falkenstein, and Mekton aren’t an immediate priority doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future. And, of course, Cody’s mysterious project came up. An original game not based on an existing license, Cody’s mystery game is still in development.

That’s in for now, all! Until next time, keep your blades sharp and stay safe on the streets!

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  1. Hi Talsorian team! In this Tome of Chaos are you going to include the xenovox and megascope items that are used a lot in the novels and games? Also, can se expect a ritual or spell to summon Djins?

  2. For The Record, I liked the Sharper Image feel of the Chrome books, but I also like the idea of the more than fluff books for Cyberpunk Red. Rusted Chrome looks very interesting to me as I’m working on a setting out of Amboy, CA for a Reclaimer Campaign. I’m Also curious about The High Riders and Africa in the Time of the Red (seem to me they would have come out in the best shape after CW 4

  3. I am a bit curious about this post being categorised as “Castle Falkenstein”.

    I assume a post can only be tagged with one category, but most of it seems to be about Cyberpunk and Witcher, rather than Castle Falkenstein…?

    • We ran sessions of all three games and marked this post for all three categories. The algorithm works alphabetically, so Castle Falkenstein comes up first.

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