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Cyberpunk RED Alert: Single Shot Pack

So, you’ve got a copy of Cyberpunk RED and you want to take it for a test drive before you throttle down the Lifepath and give your heart to a new Character…

… Or maybe you’re the GM and your Players surprise you with a sudden raid on an Inquisition HQ you haven’t haven’t had time to plan out just what sort of NET Architecture they have…

Either way, the Cyberpunk RED Single Shot Pack will help! We’ve put together ten pregenerated Characters, one for each Role, for you to pull out as one-shot PCs or emergency NPCs! And if that’s not enough, we also built six different NET Architectures, ranging from basic three floor security systems to monster nine floor vault controls systems.

And best of all, you can download it free now. Consider it a thank you for all the support you’ve given R. Talsorian Games and Cyberpunk RED. We couldn’t have made it this far without you!

Note: We’ve uploaded a new version of the Single Shot Pack to fix some incorrect text and rejigger the NET Architectures to have the right number of Control Nodes for their size. We’ve also added a full breakdown on the NET Architecture cost to make it easy to swap out one piece for another in case you decide you want, say an Automated Melee Weapon instead of an Automated Turret, or a Spider Walking Drone instead of a Ground Drone.

Click here to download the Single Shot Pack.

Until next time, choombas, stay safe on the streets!





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