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A Very Witcher Update 05.01.21

We’ve got a few things to share on The Witcher TRPG front!

First, our book of adventures (and new player content, including rules for playing Gnomes, Werebbubb, and Vran!), A Book of Tales, is currently being checked by CD Projekt Red. Once approved, it will go straight to the printer.

So today we’re going to talk about Bits and Mortar, a new Kickstarter from our partners at Q Workshop, the Chinese edition of The Witcher TRPG, and end it all with a message from The Witcher TRPG lead developer, Cody Pondsmith, about A Tome of Chaos!

Bits and Mortar

We’re happy to say we’ve added The Witcher TRPG to the Bits and Mortar program. That means, from this day forward, retailers who participate in the program will be able to provide their customers digital copies of books in the Witcher line with the purchase of a physical book. Check with the Bits and Mortar site for a list of participating retailers. If your friendly local game store isn’t a participant, encourage them to sign up! The program is free!

Just as a reminder, while we are part of Bits and Mortar as a publisher we are not part of the program as a retailer. We appreciate you buying books from our online store but those do not come with the PDF.

Witcher Hybrid Dice

Q Workshop’s motto is “All Dice Should Tell a Story” and their current Kickstarter is for dice telling stories in the dark world of The Witcher! Their new Witcher Hybrid dice combine the best of metal and wood (or other composite materials) to create gorgeous and unique dice sets with unique Witcher styling!

Hybrid dice from Q workshop. Metal with composite inserts. Adorned with Witcher symbols and imagery.

In addition to a variety of different dice styles, they’re also offering a gorgeous Dice Poker set. And if you want your dice specifically for The Witcher TRPG, don’t worry. They’ve got you covered with The Witcher TRPG Essentials set: 2 d10s and 4d6s!

The Witcher TRPG in Chinese

Our partner in China, Beijing Labyrinth Culture, have just received their proof copies of The Witcher TRPG core rulebook and the GM screen from their printer. They’re so pretty we just had to show them off! We’re happy to give gamers in China a chance to play The Witcher TRPG and hope it sparks tales of imagination and heroism there.

About Tome of Chaos

We’ll leave things with a message from Cody about A Tome of Chaos, our upcoming book all about magic in The Witcher.

Hey everybody, Cody Pondsmith here!

It took a little longer than we were anticipating but I’m happy to share with you all the cover art for The Witcher TRPG: A Tome of Chaos! This fabulous piece of art, painted by Kai Carpenter, shows the key character of A Tome of Chaos, Glynnis var Treharne, teaching a magic class in Gweison Haul in the heart of Nilfgaard. Much likeĀ A Witcher’s Journal was based around the stories of Erland of Larvik, the founder of the Griffin School, A Tome of Chaos follows Professor Var Treharne through her life of studying sorcery and harnessing the power of chaos.

A Tome of Chaos is currently being written. As you know, we don’t like to speculate on release dates until we’ve got a solid lock so we’ll give more information on when you can expect this to hit shelves in the future.

Until then, friends, keep your swords sharp and we’ll see you on The Continent!

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  1. The hype is real! Been eager for more Witcher content, Witcher’s Journal was awesome and I can’t wait for these.

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