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Cyberpunk RED Alert: More Elflines Online!

On April 1, 2021 we introduced the world to Elflines Online, the most popular MMO in Night City! The response was incredible! More, you (and yes, we mean you. Not the person to your left. You, specifically) demanded, more!

We understand.

Which is why we’ve created the Elflines Online Expansion Pack 1! Inside, you’ll find:

  • A brand new story of love and expansion by Elflines Online maven Daeric Sylar.
  • Pregenerated elves to bring into your Elflines Online instance.
  • A blank Elflines Online character sheet.
  • And two lists of interesting Characters you can meet both in Elflines Online and on the streets of Night City. The lists were created for us by our newest writer, Melissa Wong (aka almondbreath). This marks the first time Melissa’s work has appeared in an R. Talsorian Games supplement but it won’t be the last!

You can download the Elflines Online Expansion Pack 1 here!

Until next time, choomba, stay safe on the streets and keep your elfblades sharp!





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  1. Ooh, this whole concept is just lovely…!

    I’m thinking of creating a storyline where a batch of beta-testers are caught in an expansion module to the game where the logout function has for some reason been omitted…

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