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Cyberpunk RED Alert: Hardened Mooks

In Cyberpunk RED, we classify most combat-oriented NPCs using a four level system.

  • Mooks are low level enemies and generally you should toss out one Mook per PC to make the fight challenging but still winnable.
  • Lieutenants are mid-level adversaries and the ratio is generally one of them per every two PCs.
  • The Mini Boss is a high level enemy. The ratio for them is usually one Mini Boss per three PCs.
  • And the full on Boss Battle is someone who can usually take on the whole crew (possibly with a little help from some lower level NPCs).

Of course, planning for a Cyberpunk RED combat isn’t quite as easy as it might be for other games. Because we designed RED to allow for a wide range of campaign styles, not all crews are built the same. The above guidelines assume a mixed crew containing both combat oriented Characters (they don’t even have to be Solos. They just have to be optimized via gear and Skill bases to be highly effective in a fight) and non-combat oriented Characters.

But what if you’re running a cybermerc style campaign where everyone’s a badass on the field of battle? Then the Mooks from the core rulebook don’t seem to be a challenge unless you pump up their numbers… and that can be a headache for the Gamemaster.

As always, we’ve heard your pleas. You wanted nastier mooks so we designed a few for you. This week, we’re happy to offer a new free DLC for Cyberpunk RED: Hardened Mooks. These adversaries probably still won’t win a one of one fight with your crew but they will put up more of a fight and be more satisfying to defeat. Plus, they’ll help chip away at HP and maybe even score a Critical Injury or two before they pump up the Body Lotto number.

You can download the Hardened Mooks PDF here or grab it in the DLC section of our site.

Until next time, choombas, stay safe on the street!





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