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A Very Witcher Update 05.21.21

We’ve got some great news on The Witcher TRPG front! As Witcher fans know, we’ve been hard at work on two books: Book of Tales and Tome of Chaos. Here’s an update on both.

Book of Tales

Book of Tales is a compilation of six adventures as shared to the world by the incomparable bard Dandelion. The six adventures can be played separately or as a full campaign path. Book of Tales also contains new spells, weapons, creatures, and importantly for players, rules for playing Gnomes, Werebbubb, and Vran!

We’re excited to say Book of Tales has finished final review and is going to the printer! We’re excited to get this sent out to the world ASAP but we also have to provide a word of caution. The printing world is in an odd place right now. Thanks to various factors, including COVID, supplies like paper and ink are in shorter supply. That’s elongating print times as the book world ramps back up towards full speed and publishers everywhere jockey for space on the printers. We’ll do our best to get Book of Tales printed and shipped as quickly as we can but we’re not sure yet how long that will take. We’ll keep you updated as the process goes, though!

Tome of Chaos

Every fantasy world needs a book on magic and the world of The Witcher is no different! Tome of Chaos will be our biggest sourcebook yet and is chock full of new spells, curses, and hexes as well as information on prominent spellcasters, more details on mage schools, priestly religions, and druid circles, and a lifepath specifically for mages! For those of you eager for new lore, we promise you’ll find information about magic and mage society never before seen in any Witcher game or book!

We’re delighted to say Tome of Chaos has entered layout! We’re doing finishing touches on chapters and, as we sew them up, we’re sending them to our layout artist, Cris Viana. She was also the layout artist on Book of Tales and we think you’re really going to enjoy the flair she’s bringing to the line.

Again, we’re not going to speculate on release dates at this time. Once layout is done on Tome of Chaos it will be sent to our partners at CD Projekt Red for final approval (as a licensed product, all text must be approved by the license holder) and then we’ll get it to the printer. As with Book of Tales, we’ll keep you updated on the status of Tome of Chaos as it progresses.

That’s all the Witcher news we have for now. On one final note, R. Talsorian Games will be at Gen Con 2021. We’ll have a booth in the exhibition hall and we’ll be running games of Cyberpunk RED, The Witcher TRPG, Castle Falkenstein, and Teenagers from Outer Space. We don’t want to split our focus, so we won’t have a presence on the virtual side of this year’s Gen Con. We hope to see you there but, if you can’t make it, we’ll look forward to seeing you next year!

Until next time, keep your swords and wits sharp!


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  1. Better start to save some bucks right now! I’m gonna buy both!!! Are you going to describe the stats of the whole Lodge of Sorceress in this Tome of Chaos book?

    • As a French and huge cheese lover I can’t wait to make a fun NPC from Toussaint using tyromacie to introduce to my players !
      And as much as it is interesting, rewarding (hard) to make homebrew scenarii, I am really impatient for more Witchery Tales !

      All the best

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