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Cyberpunk RED Data Screen Delay

Hey, choombas!

We had hoped to begin selling you the Cyberpunk RED Data Screen this week but have run into an unexpected and unfortunate set back. When we began looking through the shipment, we discovered a significant number of the Data Screens were of poor quality. They were, frankly, not something we would want to put on our own table and, so, not something we feel right about sending out to you.

We’re working with our printer to redo the entire run and to ensure the mistakes that led to the problems on this run are corrected. We estimate roughly three more weeks before we’ll have them for sale.

We know you’ve been patiently awaiting the Cyberpunk RED Data Screen and we’re sorry for the delay. We want to thank you for making Cyberpunk RED such a huge success and look forward to providing you good quality Data Screens as soon as possible.

We’ll update you once things move forward. Until then, stay safe on The Street.




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