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Cyberpunk RED Alert: Hardened Lieutenants

Happy Friday, choombas!

While we here at R. Talsorian Games are hard at work on the Cyberpunk RED Data Screen (being printed as we speak), the Cyberpunk RED Data Pack (almost ready to go to the printer), Black Chrome (writing and development still in progress), and a few other surprises we know you still want goodies to add to your Cyberpunk RED campaign!

That’s why we’ve released six free to download mini-expansions (we call them DLC) for Cyberpunk RED. That’s roughly one per month since Cyberpunk RED debuted!

These DLCs range from Red Chrome Cargo (a new Screamsheet) to the Rocklin Augmentics Cyberchair (a cool new piece of gear to add to your game) to Elflines Online (rules for playing the most popular MMO in Night City!). You can find them all here:

One of the DLCs we recently released was Hardened Mooks, a new set of Mooks made for Cyberpunk RED crews who are set up to be more combat oriented and less heist and social oriented. That was popular enough we’ve expanded the concept! This week, we’re introducing Hardened Lieutenants. Like the Lieutenants in the Cyberpunk RED core rulebook, these chooms are designed to be nastier than your average mook but their statblocks reflect the challenge represented by a Hardened Crew. What’s a Hardened Crew? We define that, too!

You can download Hardened Lieutenants from the DLC section of our website or by clicking the link.

Until next time, stay safe on The Street!



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