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RTG End of July Update

Happy Friday!

We’re closing out July, so we thought we’d give you a status update on what’s up at R. Talsorian Games! Buckle up, you primitive screwheads, because we’ll be talking about a lot here!

First, a caveat: The global supply chains remain an absolute mess so all dates are subject to change.

Cyberpunk RED

Looking for more Dark Future? Read on for a new product announcement and updates!

Cyberpunk RED FAQ

First and foremost, we’ve updated the Cyberpunk RED FAQ! The Mayor of Balance Town has sat down and worked out answers to those frequently asked questions and added them into v1.3 of the document! The biggest addition is the “Can I do X when I roll Y” matrix. We know it’ll come in handy!

You can download the Cyberpunk RED FAQ v1.3 here!

Product Updates

Our printer is chugging away to finish up the Cyberpunk RED Data Pack! What’s in the Data Pack?

  • A 50-sheet pad of double-sided character sheets!
  • 6 double-sided 11×17 map pages (for 12 maps total)!
  • A booklet with 6 new Screamsheet Adventures and 6 random encounter tables chock full of new lore!

The Data Pack’s MSRP is $20.00 and we expect it to go on sale in late summer/early fall. A digital version will also be available.

In other Cyberpunk RED news, we’ll be sending Interface RED, Volume 1 to the printer soon! This 64-page book brings to print several of our best DLCs including Old Guns Never Die, Cyberchairs, The Single Shot Pack, Red Chrome Cargo, Elflines Online, and Elflines Online Expansion Pass 1. But that’s not all! While having all that content collected in a single volume is awesome, providing you with brand new content is even better! Interface RED, Volume 1 will have a chapter entitled All About Drones. Inside you’ll find three of Zharafa’s best Active Defense drones (including the beloved GRAF3) as well as three brand new personal drones! Personal Drones don’t require a NET Architecture and can be operated entirely via your Agent. We’re looking forward to getting those babies into your greedy little cyberhands.

Interface RED, Volume 1’s release window and MSRP are TBA. A digital version will also be available.

Something New!

We’ve finished layout on an exciting new project for Cyberpunk RED: The Netrunning Deck. This deck of poker-sized cards contains all the Cyberdeck programs, Black ICE, Demons, and NET Architecture components you need to construct a visual representation of a netrun at your table! Art was provided by the talented Leonam von Borowsky and each card has all the information you need, including stats and effects!

Release window and MSRP for the Netrunning Deck are TBA. A digital version will also be available.

The Witcher TTRPG

We hope you’re excited for more Witcher TTRPG goodness as we are! Here’s the news.

Book of Tales and Witcher Dice

You’ve been patient and we appreciate it. We’re glad to announce we finally have a release window for A Book of Tales, a compilation of six adventures for The Witcher TTRPG (plus plenty of goodies players can use like new spells, new weapons, and rules for playing Vran, Werebbubb, and Gnomes!).

And that’s not all! Coming out around the same time as A Book of Tales will be The Witcher Essentials Dice Set! This gorgeous collection of six d6s and two d10s are custom made for The Witcher TTRPG thanks to the dice-forgers at Q Workshop. Each d6 has a different witcher school icon on the ‘6’ side, while the wolf school icon takes place of pride on the d10s.

Both should be available in mid-August 2021. The MSRP for A Book of Tales is $30.00. The MSRP for the Witcher Essential Dice Set is $17.00.

Tome of Chaos

Looking into the crystal ball, we’re currently predicting the magic sourcebook for The Witcher TTRPG, Tome of Chaos, will be bringing new spells, new lore, and cheese divination to the world close to the end of this year.

We might have a few surprises for you between now and then, too!

And that’s it for this update. Until next time, keep your swords sharp and stay safe on the streets!

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