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Book of Tales & Witcher Dice Released!

Happy Dandelion Day!

On this beautiful day, the world’s greatest bard has something to share with you! A Book of Tales for The Witcher TTRPG is now available!

The front and back cover for A Book of Tales.

In these well-appointed, beautifully illustrated pages gamers will find six complete adventures. Run each adventure individually or string them together into a full campaign!

And worry not, players! Dandelion has a treat in A Book of Tales for you as well!

  • Nine new weapons and a new weapon effect: Charging!
  • New gear and rules for ice skating!
  • Four new spells (you can learn from the Sorceresses who created them!)!
  • Rules for playing as a keen-nosed Gnome, scale-hided Vran, or lionhearted Werebbubb!
Four sinister figures in robes lurk around a table in a foreboding chamber.

Gamemasters! Curious about the adventures themselves? Here’s a taste.

  • Underneath the Ice: A monster hunt in the mountains of Kovir and Poviss and the perfect first session adventure!
  • In the Alderwood: What seems to be a straightforward monster hunt transforms into a tale of tragedy and intrigue!
  • Stone Cold Lies: Solve a murder at the Mahakam Ale Festival!
  • Murder in Maribor: A classic dungeon crawl in a Niflgaardian-occupied city!
  • Enter the Fighting Pits: Enter a tournament for adventurers, run by mysterious masked Nilfgaardians who thrill in betting on life and death!
  • The Maiden Surrounded by Butterflies: A knight. A maiden. A tower. A classic tale in fairytale Toussaint… only not all is what it seems.
Workers entertain clients at the Bushy Tail.

You can pick up A Book of Tales in physical form from your local gaming store or directly from us at our webstore. If you’re more of a digital fan, grab it at DriveThruRPG!

We do participate in the Bits and Mortar program (as a publisher only), so if you are buying from your FLGS, check to see if they do, too. They’ll be able to add the PDF to your order!

Toss Some Dice to Your Witcher

A Book of Tales isn’t our only release today! The Witcher Essential Dice Set is now available as well! Six d6s, each marked with a different witcher school sigil and two d10s (one single digit, one percentile) showing wolf school pride. All made by the master artisans at Q Workshop!

Six witcher d6s and 2 witcher d10s.

You can pick up The Witcher Essential Dice Set at your friendly local gaming store or directly from our webstore! They’re the perfect way to add some Witcher flavor to any game.


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