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Cyberpunk RED Back in Stock

Hello Night City!

Despite a global shipping crisis, a shortage of paper, and everything else 2021 has thrown our way we’ve managed to get the Cyberpunk RED core rulebook back in print! You can now order the third printing from our webstore and you should be seeing it back on local retailer shelves soon!

As is tradition, we took the opportunity of a new printing to go through the book and make a few corrections and updates. If you own a digital copy of the Cyberpunk RED via DriveThruRPG or Bits and Mortar, you should be able to visit your library and download a new version of the file now. This is version 1.25 for those keeping track.

If you have a first or second printing or are just curious about what we’ve changed, you can see our up to date errata list by clicking on this link.

Again, to clarify. The most current physical copy is third printing (it’ll say so on the title page, near the legal stuff at the bottom). The most current digital copy is v1.25 (that’ll be in the file name).

Stay safe on The Street!




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