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Witcher: Rodolf’s Wagon Returns

Our favorite merchant, Rodolf Kazmer, returns with a new Rodolf’s Wagon! This time, he’s selling diagrams for fine Toussaint weapons (as presented in A Book of Tales) and new components and substances for use in crafting and alchemy.

Rodolf’s Wagon #5 helps fill in a few holes left in A Witcher’s Journal and A Book of Tales when it comes to crafting and alchemy.

You can download it here.

Until next time, keep your sword sharp!


The Witcher



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  1. Hi Talsorian team. First of all, congratulations for the incredible A Book of Tales. Now, I’m anxious for the Tome of Chaos. I have a question regardig the Charging effect. Could I consider also for some weapons in the Core book, like: spear, pole axe, elven glaive, etc?

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