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Cyberpunk RED Alert: Jumpstart Conversion Guide

Good morning Night City!

We’re jumping a few days ahead of schedule this week because we’re so excited to get this new, free DLC out to you!

We know you want more missions to run in Cyberpunk RED and we’re working on it! In the meantime, though, James Hutt, the Mayor of Balancetown, had an epiphany during his morning “blow up some gangers” test session.

We already have a full mission… and three Screamsheets… available for players of Cyberpunk RED. The problem? They’re in the Cyberpunk RED Jumpstart Kit and it works a bit differently from the core rules. The solution? Write a conversion guide!

Only James didn’t just write a conversion guide, choombas! He sat down and worked out statblocks for every named NPC in the Jumpstart Kit’s full mission (The Apartment) and Screamsheets (Precious Cargo, Just Like Real, and Definitely Not Kansas). That’s eleven new NPCs, all with Roles, ready for you to plug into your campaign. You can use them as is, reskin them, or use them as inspiration for your own statblocks!

And, if you need a new streetdrug for your campaign? We’ve got the core rules for Emerald City. What happens when you mix Black Lace and Blue Glass? You’ll find out!

So, grab this new DLC for Cyberpunk RED. As always, it is our gift to you for being such an amazing gamer.

You can download it in the DLC section of this site or by clicking on this link.

Until next time, stay safe on the The Street!

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  1. Thanks for putting this together. Gina has Disguise in her skill list, but I don’t see it on the character sheets. Am I missing something?

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