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RTG Exiting Gen Con 2021

After considerable internal discussion, R. Talsorian Games has decided to exit Gen Con 2021. We don’t do this lightly. We had planned on our biggest Gen Con yet this year, with more events than ever, more booth space than ever, and a larger crew than ever.

And that’s why, in good conscience, we cannot attend the convention. The health and safety of our crew comes first and the numbers in Indiana are abysmal. The vaccination rates are too low, the positivity rates and new case rates too high, and the social mandates designed to protect people too few. If even one member of our crew caught COVID-19 while attending Gen Con or carried it home to their loved ones and their local community, that would be one too many.

At R. Talsorian Games, we write about Dark Futures for fun, but we also believe we have a responsibility to try and prevent them from happening.

We want to make it clear, we do not blame the staff of Gen Con 2021 or the Indiana Convention Center in any way. We honestly believe they have done everything they legally and contractually can to make the convention as safe an experience as possible. Unfortunately, conventions never happen just inside the convention center. With airports, hotels, open spaces, and places to eat at play, the risk of infection is just too high.

If you were coming to Gen Con to sit down at our tables and play games with us, we’re sorry. Please contact Gen Con and see about getting a refund for your event tickets. If you were coming to Gen Con to visit our booth and buy from us, we’re sorry. We heartily suggest purchasing our games through your local game store if at all possible.

If you are attending Gen Con, please be safe. Get vaccinated if you can and aren’t already. Wear your mask, and wear it properly. Don’t touch your face. Social distance as much as possible. Wash and/or sanitize your hands regularly. Be a responsible member of the gaming community.

We will miss being at Gen Con this year. It honestly broke our hearts to make this decision but feel it was the right call for us and our crew and it is our sincere desire to see you all at Gen Con 2022.

Let’s all do what we can to make that happen.

The staff of R. Talsorian Games



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