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Data Pack and Netrunning Deck on Sale!

Happy Monday, choombas!

Today’s the day! The Cyberpunk RED Data Pack and Netrunning Deck are now available for purchase from our webstore and from DriveThruRPG!

We expect them to hit retailers in the United States in next few weeks, so check with your friendly local gaming store to order. And remember, if they’re part of the Bits and Mortar program, they can also slide you the digital version, too!

Please note, R. Talsorian Games does not participate in Bits and Mortar as a retailer and buying from our webstore, while appreciated, gives only the physical version and not the digital.

Need to know more about the Data Pack and the Netrunning Deck? Here you go!

The Cyberpunk RED Data Pack is more of everything you need to make the Dark Future come alive:

  • A pad of 50 double-sided character sheets (the digital version comes with PDFs for both a red and white and a black and white version of the sheet).
  • 6 double-sided 11×17 map sheets (for 12 maps in total!).
  • And a booklet w/ 6 new Screamsheet Adventures and 6 “20 Things in Night City” lists to add new people, places, and things to your campaign! There’s a ton of new lore here!

The Data Pack retails for $20 (physical) and $8 (digital).

The Netrunning Deck is 52 Program, Black ICE, Demon, and Floor cards, all sturdy and poker-sized, to help you better visualize Cyberdecks and NET Architectures and speed up play!

Want to see how it works? Check out the How to Use Your Netrunning Deck PDF!

The Netrunning Deck retails for $17 (physical) and $6 (digital).

Until next time, stay safe on The Street!




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