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Cyberpunk RED Alert: News and New DLC!

Happy October, choombas! As the wind turns bitter and the green starts to fade from the trees, we’ve got some fantastic news to share with you! Plus, there’s a new DLC for you to download!

Data Packs and Card Decks

Cyber-Santa came to our warehouse early this week and delivered boxes full of new Cyberpunk RED products! That’s right! We’ve got the Cyberpunk RED Data Pack and the Netrunning Deck in stock. We’re currently processing them and they’ll go on sale at our webstore and DriveThruRPG next week. We expect to see them at your friendly local gaming store soon after! Both products will be part of the Bits and Mortar program, so when you pre-order/buy, ask if your retailer is a member and grab the digital versions, too! Just remember, we aren’t a member of Bits and Mortar as a retailer, so the digital version doesn’t come free if you buy it from us directly.

The Cyberpunk RED Data Pack comes with a pad of 50 character sheets (double-sided), 6 double-sided 11×17 map sheets (for a total of 12 maps), and a booklet containing 6 new Screamsheet Adventures and 6 “20 Things in Night City” lists of new people, places, and things to add to your game.

The Netrunning Deck comes with 52 poker-sized cards: 15 Program cards, 27 Black ICE cards, 3 Demon cards, and 7 Floor cards. Use them to populate your Cyberdeck with Programs, build NET Architectures, and run netruns!

We unboxed the Data Pack and Netrunning Deck and snagged some quick candids to share with you.

Cargo Containers and Cube Hotels

Earlier this month, James Hutt looked up from his somewhat portable gaming device and said, “The funny animal people creep me out a bit, but I really like decorating my house in this island crossing game!”. From that was born the idea for the latest Cyberpunk RED DLC.

Cargo Containers and Cube Hotels offers 20 new locations in Night City: 10 Cargo Container communities and 10 Cube Hotels, all marked on the map and ready for your Edgerunner to move in and make a home.

Will you move into Cube-A-Rama in Little Europe? Or maybe Cubeland by the Sea in Pacifica Playground? Perhaps you’d prefer the Precipice, close to the border of the Hot Zone in Old Japantown? Wherever you end up, you’ll find the flavor in Cargo Containers and Cube Hotels goes a long way to making it more of a location and less of a half-mentioned afterthought in your game.

There’s more, though. We’ve also included a few different furniture sets to help transform your housing into a home! Will you go with the Second-hand Special? Or upgrade to A Touch of Luxury? And while you’re at consider picking up a fire safe, a smart vanity, or a Continental Brands Koff Popper!

You can snag Cargo Containers and Cube Hotels, along with all our other great Cyberpunk RED DLC from the downloads section of our website or by clicking here.

That’s all for now! Until next time, stay safe on The Street!

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