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Cyberpunk RED DLC: Night City Tarot (take 2!)

We posted this earlier in the week but had to take it down to fine-tune some legal text. That’s all taken care of so, once again, we’re pleased to present our Halloween Cyberpunk RED DLC offering!

And to preemptively answer the question we know a lot of you will have: At this time, we have no plans to produce this as a physical product. So, please, enjoy the download!

Merry Spooky Season from Balance Town!

We hope you’ve got your costumes ready, because the free DLC we’ve got for you this month is all about the spirit of the season. We’ve teamed up with our partners at CD Projekt Red to bring you the Night City Tarot , featuring the gorgeous cards from Cyberpunk 2077 and rules from us to bring more intense Critical Injuries and other outcomes to your Cyberpunk RED game!

Don’t believe us? Check out what happens if you end up drawing The Sun in game:

If the victim is carrying any grenades or other explosives, the GM chooses one of them to explode immediately . If they weren’t carrying any grenades, the GM chooses a non-weapon piece of equipment on the victim to destroy beyond repair.

And that’s one of the cheerier cards!

Times in Balance Town have been just as wild as ever, and I’m happy to announce that casualties are up by a whopping 36% since last year thanks to my new citywide ordinance banning the use of all non-lethal weapons outside of specially sanctioned non-lethal testing events.

In the streets, everyone is getting ready for one hell of a Halloween party. I think it’s going to go off like a flashbang this year – we’re handing them out like candy, so it better. I didn’t increase the fire department’s budget for nothing!

Before I wrap this up, I just wanted to Say thank you for enjoying these DLCs, because we sure do enjoy making them for you. We recognize times are tough, but we’re gonna get through it together.

Normally, we’d release a DLC like this on a Friday but we wanted you to have plenty of time to learn this new, optional ruleset for your Halloween Cyberpunk RED game! As always, you can download Night City Tarot from the DLC section of our website or by clicking here.

Have a spooky one,

James Hutt, Game Designer & Mayor of Balance Town





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