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Cyberpunk RED Alert: Interface RED and Stylish Pins

Good morning, Night City!

On this fine Thursday, we’ve got three things to talk about: the release of Interface RED Volume 1 and the Cyberpunk RED 4 pin set! Let’s tackle them in reverse order!

Cyberpunk RED Pins

As many of you know, Penny Arcade released a Cyberpunk RED 4 pin set a few weeks ago. For those of you who picked it up, thank you! For those of you who haven’t, you can still buy them directly from Penny Arcade but now you can also purchase them from us (and we do ship to Europe)! The 4 pin set is now available for sale in our webstore.

In addition to the four gorgeous pins, you’ll also find four new pieces of in-game gear for Cyberpunk RED on the back of the card:

  • The spinning Chipware Compartment Cybereye Option.
  • The purrfect MicroCutie by Hello Cutie Medium Pistol.
  • The world’s best contact lens, the Smart Lens.
  • The amazingly-bright Superflash Jacket.

Want the items but don’t want the pins? You can grab them over at DriveThruRPG for two quarters as a stand-alone PDF.

Interface RED, Volume 1

Now onto the big news! Today, we’re releasing Interface RED, Volume 1, out into the world! In the tradition of the original Interface magazine, Interface RED collects short articles and combines them together into an awesome resource for the Cyberpunk Enthusiast.

If you’re ready to pick up Interface RED, Volume 1 already, you can grab it in digital from DriveThruRPG and in physical from our webstore. It should be out in local gaming stores in the United States within the next month. It’ll take longer for it to hit stores overseas. We’re also part of Bits and Mortar as a publisher (but not as a retailer) so if your local store participates, ask them for the digital file when you order the physical book.

Need to know more about Interface RED before you buy? Read on!

What’s Inside

For Volume 1, we’ve collected seven articles. Six you might have seen before, because they’re free DLC we’ve made available right here on the site.

  • Old Guns Never Die: Converting Cyberpunk 2020 weapons to Cyberpunk RED rules.
  • Red Chrome Cargo: A classic train job Screamsheet Adventure.
  • The Single Shot Pack: Pregenerated Edgerunners and NET Architectures to use in the game.
  • Cyberchairs: New options for mobility. Who needs cyberlegs when you can ride around on a stylish mobile platform!
  • Elflines Online: How to play Night City’s most popular MMO in your Cyberpunk RED campaign.
  • Elflines Online Expansion Pack 1: Pregenerated Elves for your Elflines Online game plus new characters to populate the Elflands and Night City.

You might be wondering, why pick up a book full of free DLC you’ve already downloaded? We think there’s three reasons.

  1. Having all the articles collected in a single place (whether it be a physical book or digital document) is handy.
  2. While we’ve offered this DLC for free, it isn’t free to make. This isn’t “cutting room floor” content we had leftover after putting together the core rulebook. Everything had to be written, edited, illustrated (in some cases), and laid out. That takes time, money, and peoplehours. We think it is important to support the Cyberpunk community, so we made the DLC available for free and we don’t intend to take any of the articles down. Can’t buy Interface RED? That’s cool. Download the above DLC articles for free and enjoy. But if you can? Please consider supporting us. Your purchase helps pay our employees our freelancers fair wages and helps cover our bills and the costs for future books. We can’t make new stuff without making money. That’s just the way the world works.
  3. We are including one new article, exclusive to Interface RED, Volume 1: All About Drones. From day one, people have been asking for more drones and we’re delivering!

All About Drones

All About Drones introduces rules for six new drones to Cyberpunk RED.

The Zhirafa Savannah Panther. A cat-like security drone. Sleek black.

The first three are of the Active Defense variety, much like the drones in the core rulebook (page 213). This means they require a NET Architecture to function. These three drones will add new variety and new options for any mission.

  • Of course, everyone knows the Zhirafa GRAF3, the friendly yellow construction drone. You saw them in the Cyberpunk RED core rulebook and now you’ll have rules for using them in your game! With armor and a lot of HP, these giant drones are surprisingly dangerous.
  • Need something a little less “construction site” and a bit more stealth? Check out Zhirafa’s Savannah Eagle: an airborn drone with a disorienting sonic shriek and cloaking capabilities.
  • Or if you want to play with your prey, the Zhirafa Savannah Panther (pictured above) is the perfect predator. A variety of weapons, including a stun baton and a grenade launcher, make the Panther a great choice for defending your Corporate compound.
Concept Mechanics Observers. Ball cameras flying using four small rotors. They're in a high-tech hallway.

Like we said. The first three drones are of the Active Defense variety. The next three, though, add a new category of drone to Cyberpunk RED: Personal Drones. Personal Drones can be operated without a NET Architecture. All you need is your Agent.

  • Concept Mechanics My First GRAF3 (aka the cute little drone from the 4 Pin set we showed off earlier) is out just in time for the Christmas season. This is the perfect toy for any would-be engineer!
  • The Concept Mechanics Observer is the world’s greatest flying, autonomous camera and endorsed by reporters and pop media personalities the world over!
  • And the Concept Mechanics Transporter is the flying drone you’ve seen carrying packages all over the city. Why hire a human driver who will just get stuck in traffic or nap on the job when you can own your very own delivery drone?

Like what you’re seeing? You can pick up the physical book in your local gaming store or from our webstore. Want it digital? Buy it from DriveThruRPG. And thank you for supporting R. Talsorian Games. It means the world to us.

That’s all for now, choombas! See you next time and stay safe on The Street.




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  1. I (the GM) am starting a new game with one character being a drone building specialist. He wants to have a personal drone. You say the new book includes quite a bit more, including personal drones, which is perfect! You say “even more” about drones, but beyond page 213, and me grabbing everything I can from CP2077, is there anything else I am missing?

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