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Cyberpunk RED Alert: Love, Cyberpunk Style!

February is the month of love! Or at least the hook-up! After all, there’s Valentine’s Day and all the added romantic content in Cyberpunk 2077 thanks to the 1.5 patch! And we wanted to get in on the action!

That’s why the free Cyberpunk RED DLC for February is Digital Dating in the Dark Future! This new PDF introduces The Garden Dating from Ziggurat, the premiere digital dating service in Night City.

The Garden Dating. Are you lonely Hot Edgerunners in Night City want to meet you!!! Using our monopoly on NET data The Garden Dating makes finding weekend plans as simple as 1-2-3! 

1. Our algorithm matches you using your datacrawl history!
2. Our keyword optimized profile have minimal text for easy dating!
3. Connect to your ideal input our output today!

Ziggurat: Our monopoly on data is your monopoly on love.

Included in Digital Dating in the Dark Future is the brand new Datepath. Like the Lifepath from the core rulebook, the Datepath leads you through the steps of creating a date: what are your dates keywords? Where is your date? What kind of date is it? Is it a good date or a weird date? What happens after the date?

Use Digital Dating in the Dark Future for some quick fun or as a prompt for deep and long lasting roleplay in your campaign. How much you get out of it is up to you!

You can download Digital Dating in the Dark Future now by clicking this link. You can also download it, and the many other free PDFs we’ve released, from our download section.

Until next month, choombas, stay safe on The Street!





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