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RollvsEvil + A Tome of Chaos and Haunted West are Available!

Hello and happy Thursday! We’ve got some great news about A Tome of Chaos, the magic supplement for The Witcher TTRPG and news on how to order Haunted West, the Weird West TTRPG from legendary indie designer Chris Spivey.

Raising Money for Ukraine

First, though, we’re asking for a moment of your time for an incredibly important cause. Chances are, you’re aware of the war in Ukraine, as Russian forces invade and cause death and destruction. Our friends, Chris and Rita Birch (the co-founders of Modiphius) have launched a not-for-profit called RollvsEvil to help battle the evils caused by the invasion. They’ve enlisted the help of many different gaming companies, including R. Talsorian Games, to help out.

Here’s the Deal

Chances are you’re gaming at some point before the end of the month. At your game, we’re asking you to collect whatever money you can from those present (players, GM, and audience if you’re an Actual Play) at your game session.

  • First, donate the money via the RollvsEvil crowdfunding/donation page.
  • Second, if you are playing a RTG game (Cyberpunk RED, Witcher, Haunted West, heck even Dream Park or Bubblegum Crisis – any game we’ve ever published or distributed) as part of your fundraising effort, take a photograph or screenshot or your group playing the game and email it to along with a screenshot of your donation receipt from RollvsEvil.
  • At the end of the month, R. Talsorian Games will match all donations made by groups who did step two, above. For example, if people playing RTG Games during the next week donate $1,000 collectively, we’ll donate at least that much, too!

What Does Your Donation Do?

Asking what the money is going to is a valid question! Here’s the intent of RollvsEvil’s fundraising efforts:

  • Providing funding to help vulnerable people (the disabled, LGBTQ+, senior citizens, and pets) to evacuate.
  • Sourcing medical supplies and shipping them to hospitals in Lviv and Kyiv.
  • Providing internet access to Ukranian refugees in Poland.
  • Sourcing and shipping food, camping gear, and medical supplies to displaced people in Ukraine.
  • Helping to track down and vulnerable people, especially children, who have been abducted by human traffickers taking advantage of the invasion.
  • For a full list, please see the RollvsEvil page.

Again, all we’re asking you to do is donate what you can during your games and, if you’re playing one of our games, snap a picture and send it to along with a screenshot of your donation receipt so we can match it.

Thank you for your help in this time of need.

A Tome of Chaos is Available!

For the last few weeks we’ve offered glimpses into what will be available in A Tome of Chaos. Today, we decided that, instead of a glimpse, we’d share the whole book!

A Tome of Chaos, the magical sourcebook for The Witcher TTRPG, is now available from our webstore (physical) and DriveThruRPG (digital)! As orders come in from distributors and retailers, we’ll ship the physical book to them as well so expect it on store shelves sometime next month. If you do buy from a local retailer, be sure to ask them about the Bits and Mortar program. If they’re a participant, the retailer will be able to give you the PDF of A Tome of Chaos with your purchase/preorder (i.e. that PDF is available on Bits and Mortar right now!).

We will continue offering insight into the contents of A Tome of Chaos over the next few weeks but rest assured, this book contains everything a Witcher GM or player could want, including magical gifts usable by any mundane Profession as well as new spells, monsters, NPCs, magical items, an adventure to run, and a ton of new lore about magic and religion!

Haunted West Now Available!

A Tome of Chaos isn’t the only new book available in our store! You can pick up Haunted West, the new weird west TTRPG from Chris Spivey, the award-winning designer of Harlem Unbound!

This hefty tome not only offers variable level of play (from rules light to rules crunchy) but also offers the most comprehensive history, geography, and understanding of the Old West you’ll ever find outside of a historian’s reference shelf! We can’t recommend this book enough, which is why our boss, Mike Pondsmith, hand selected it to be the first book from another publisher to add to our offerings. While you’re at it, pick up The Haunted West Historical Folk Deck and the Weird Compass.

Picking up Haunted West is a great way to learn new things, find a great game to play, and support a smaller, independent game studio. We’re excited as heck to be able to offer this phenomenal game to RTG fans!

That’s all for today! Please consider running a game for RollvsEvil! The people of Ukraine need our help.

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