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Witcher Watch: A New Witcher School

Greetings to everyone walking The Path! Today, we have an exciting new project to announce! Not long ago we, working with our partners at CD Projekt Red, introduced the world to the first true lore about The Manticore School of Witchers. Emboldened by your enthusiastic response, we dug deep into the books, the games, the comics, production notes, and various official blog posts to tease out every reference to Witcher Schools and discovered a wealth of hidden, obscured, and otherwise enshrouded mentions of previously unknown lore! With our newfound and hard won knowledge and the blessings of the team at CD Projekt Red, we tossed aside all current projects and went to work on our new passion!

Our new book, Elias von Drexel’s Treatise on the Lost Arts of Witchery, is a 640 page sourcebook for The Witcher TTRPG which provides a deep dive into the Lore of the four lesser known Schools of Witchers, all of whom were overshadowed by their more prestigious siblings! Within this massive tome you’ll find exhaustive records of the founding, history, fighting style, notable members, gear, lifestyle, pets, and pet peeves of the following Schools of Witching:

  • The School of the Snail, whose nigh impenetrable plate armor and slippery slime made them formidable (but clumsy) opponents!
  • The School of the Aardvark, whose members performed daring feats of monster slaying for the amusement of fighting pit patrons in Gheso!
  • The School of the Mule, who were known far and wide for carrying hundreds of pounds of monster slaying equipment as they trudge along their path!
  • The School of the Trout, who specialized in fighting river monster with their sleek, scale armor and razor sharp finny gauntlets!

Throughout Elias von Drexel’s Treatise on the Lost Arts of Witchery you’ll be able follow the daring scholar, Elias Von Drexel, as he unravels the mysteries of the Golden Age of Witchers through 120 pages of illustrated stories and journal entries!

To get the ball rolling, we’ve cut out a section of the book to show you today, detailing the School of the Snail and the beginning of Professor Von Drexel’s research! You’ll find this new DLC PDF in our download section or by clicking this link!

Still with us? As you might have guessed, this is something of an April Fool’s Day prank. The School of the Snail is not canon to the world of The Witcher as portrayed in The Witcher TTRPG, the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, or the video game series from CD Projekt Red.

However, as is tradition at R. Talsorian Games, we never tease on April Fool’s Day! The School of the Snail isn’t canon but it is fully playable in your campaign, if you so desire. As designers and gamers, RTG believes even our jokes should be developed and put together in such a way as to allow them to be brought into the game. So, please download the PDF (no Rick Rolling, we promise) and enjoy.

If you’re curious, here’s our past April Fool’s offerings:

Have a safe and pleasant April Fool’s Day and remember, be careful about what you read and see today!

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