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Free RPG Day 2022

Happy Free RPG Day!!!

This year the offerings include Cyberpunk RED Easy Mode, an introduction to the classic game of the Dark Future.

This 48 page booklet (including covers) comes with everything you need to try out the game and a few goodies besides! Here’s a quick tour.

Of course we start with the rules. Style over substance. Attitude is everything. Live on the edge. Then we take a brief tour of the Cyberpunk world. Special attention is paid to the primary setting: Night City.

Next comes the rules. Skill Check Resolution and combat. While some things (martial arts and aimed shots for example) are missing nothing is watered down. These are the rules you’ll find in the core book.

A core feature of Interlock is the Lifepath system so we include a scaled down version here to help you add personality to your Edgerunner.

No QuickStart is complete without a small mission to run and we’ve got a brand new one from James Hutt to share with you! We won’t spoil. All we will say is it is called Getting Paid.

Of course, there’s pregens for people to play. In Easy Mode we’ve included Forty the Rockerboy, Mover the Solo, Torch the Tech, Redtail the Medtech, and 24/7 the Media. Each with a simplified version of their Role Ability to give you a taste of what makes them unique.

Finally, as a fun bonus, if you turn to the middle of the book there’s are two 11×17 maps by Loke Battlemats ! Perfect for use in Easy Mode’s Getting Paid mission or for other games! Just wiggle the staples and pull the map out!

Enjoy Free RPG Day!!! And if you miss out, We will be releasing Cyberpunk RED Easy Mode as a free to download PDF in the future!

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