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Tales of the RED Update

Hello Choombas! We’re happy to say Tales of the RED: Street Stories has gone to the printer. We’re expecting to have it for sale at Gen Con 2022 (August 4-7) and in stores a few weeks afterwards! Here’s a look at the cover, with art by Bad Moon Art Studio.

The cover of Tales of the RED: Street Stories. 9 missions full of action and intrigue for Cyberpunk RED.

We had originally planned on releasing this book, containing 9 full missions set in Night City, in spring this year but, unfortunately, the realities of being a print-based publisher in 2022 mean everything has been pushed back in the schedule. For those keeping track, this also means Black Chrome will be releasing later than anticipated (we had slotted it for the summer). We’ll be updating with information on our first Cyberpunk RED book of loot and stuff a bit later.

For the next four weeks, we’ll be giving you some previews of what’s you’ll find in Tales of the RED: Street Stories. If you think you’ll be playing these missions be warned, there might be some minor spoilers. This week, we’re going to introduce you to six Night City residents you’ll meet in Tales of the RED as bosses, potential allies, or maybe even something more!

Three residents of Night City: A tank full of yellow holographic otters, a woman with purple skin and white hair in a green dress vaping, and a man with a cybernetic arm kicking back and looking at holographic news postings.

From left to right in the image above, meet Fife (art by Dani Hartel), Raegan “Pro” Halley (art by Diego Martinez), and Trace Santiago (art by Bad Moon Art Studio).

  • Not many people meet Fife (they/them), an enigmatic data junkie, in person. Fife prefers communicating through holographic images of water animals. Fife has a job for you, choomba, and it’ll take you to a part of Night City most people never see.
  • Raegan “Pro” Halley (she/her) is someone just about any person in Night City knows. She’s the lead singer for Protocon, an electric punk band even Bes Isis doesn’t complain about. She’s looking for revenge and you just might be in her way.
  • We’ve introduced Trace Santiago (he/him) before in Black Dog. The son of the famous Nomad Santiago, Trace works as an independent Media, seeking to share truth with the world. This time, he’ll need your help to do it.
Three residents of Night City. A woman in a bar with a cyberhand and pink hair, a person with glasses and green hair in a nice suit holding fabric shears, and a woman with a mohawk and a few years under her belt.

Again, from left to right: Marianne Freeman (art by Storn A. Cook), Shears (art by Neil Branquinho), and Rogue Amendiaries (art by Santiago Betancur).

  • Marianne Freeman (she/her) is still running the Forlorn Hope with her husband, John. Her sense of humor remains intact from her introduction in Tales of the Forlorn Hope but she’s now sporting a fancy cybernetic tool hand designed specifically for bartending. You’ll visit the Forlorn Hope a few times in Tales of the RED.
  • Shears (they/them) works for one of Night City’s most esteemed tailoring outfits, Torrell and Chiang (first introduced in the Cyberpunk RED Data Pack). They’ll feed you cookies, give you a job, and if you’re lucky? Make you a brand new suit.
  • Rogue Amendiaries (she/her) needs no introduction since she’s one of Cyberpunk’s most iconic characters. The Solo turned “Queen of the Fixers” has a job for you. Consider it an audition. If you do well, maybe she’ll throw more work your way. Heck, maybe she’ll even let you into the Afterlife!

That’s all for now, choombas. We’ll be back with more inside info on Tales of the RED: Street Stories next week! Until then, stay safe on The Street.

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