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Cyberpunk RED Alert: October DLC!

Notice: We spotted a few errors in this month’s DLC so we corrected them. If you don’t have v1.3 of the file, redownload it!

We’ve reached the end of another month, choombas, and that means it is time to release more free content for Cyberpunk RED! In honor of spooky costume season, we’re putting our pointed ears back on and returning to Night City’s most popular MMO, Elflines Online! There’s a twist, though! Instead of playing online, you’ll be playing offline with Night City’s most popular trading card game, Elflines Online the TCG!

Elflines Online the TCG introduces your Edgerunner’s newest obsession, complete with:

  • Rules for playing the game in real life!
  • Rules for creating Elflines Online the TCG packs that’ll never have the card you actually want inside!
  • Rules for spending way too much money on single cards!
  • Codes for new items in Elflines Online!
  • A new price category!
  • Rules for cheating at cards!
  • Three new Elflines Online merchandise weapons your Edgerunner can take with them on their next meat world mission!
  • And an Elflines Online the TCG card pack you can cut out, fold up, tape, and use to carry your Elflines Online the TCG cards around like the boss you are!

You can download Elflines Online the TCG from our Downloads Section or by clicking on this link!

Until next time, choombas, stay safe on The Street!





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