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Cyberpunk RED Alert: November DLC & Sold Out Inventory

Evening, choombas! Tonight we’re bringing a new DLC to you for Cyberpunk RED. This free PDF adds rules for bicycles, skateboards, and inline skates to your game and introduces a new Neocorp, to Night City.

Witcher fans, don’t worry! We’ll have a DLC for you up tomorrow.

The cover for Spinning Your Wheels, a New Way to Ride the Edge. A Nomad and Netrunner on a bicycle leap over a pothole. The Netrunner is firing a SMG to the rear.

If you’d like to download Spinning Your Wheels for Cyberpunk RED, you can visit our downloads section on this site or click here.

We also have news about our inventory of books. We’re both pleased and saddened to say our warehouse is out of stock on both the Cyberpunk RED core rulebook and the Cyberpunk RED Data Screen. We’re working on new printings now but, given the current situation with printers and shipping it might be a bit before we have them back in our warehouse. We will still have some copies of the core rulebook for sale at PAX Unplugged this weekend, however. Come and visit us at booth #3207 and come watch Cody Pondsmith run Cyberpunk RED for the Dicebreaker crew live on Friday (December 2nd) in the Crab God Theatre (Room 113B).





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