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Black Chrome Sneak Peek Mark 3 + Interface RED vol 2 News!

Happy Friday, choombas! As we march on towards Black Chrome landing in our warehouse, we’re continuing our sneak peek tour of the goodies you’ll be getting your cyberfingers on when it releases! For those of you not in the know, Black Chrome is our upcoming sourcebook for Cyberpunk RED all about stuff and how you get it. We’re expecting it to start seeing release sometime between the end of February and mid-March.

Interface RED volume 2

First, though, we have news on Interface RED volume 2! Each month we release a free to download PDF here on our website for you to plug into your Cyberpunk RED game. We call them DLCs. And every so often we gather up a bunch of these DLCs, polish them up a bit, and stuff them into a compilation title we call Interface RED. To sweeten the deal, we also include a bonus article you can’t get anywhere else.

Interface RED volume 2 collects seven DLCs: Hardened Mooks, Hardened Lieutenants, Night City Weather, The Jumpstart Kit Conversion Guide, Cargo Containers & Cube Hotels, Daeric Sylar’s Guide to Elflines Online, and The 12 Days of Gunmas. As for the bonus article? Here’s a hint. Art by Bad Moon Art Studio.

Four Exotics (a bear, rabbit, cat, and mouse) line up in front of a height chart.

Interface RED volume 2 is currently navigating the Print on Demand approval process over at DriveThruRPG and we hope to have it on sale in mid to late March.

Black Chrome Fashion!

Now for the main event! The front cover of Black Chrome states it is a Tech and Style Guide for Cyberpunk RED. We’ve shown you some of the tech. Now, let’s check out the style.

Fashion’s an important aspect of being an Edgerunner. You need to look good to be good, after all. Black Chrome dives into this idea with designs from some of the biggest brands out there. Some of it is style. Some of it is substance. Some of it is both! That’s right. This section of Black Chrome covers not just clothing but new armor as well. Black Chrome also adds a new concept: “with the appearance of X fashion” so you know when the armor you’re wearing appears to others as style and not substance (without an appropriate Check, at least!). Here’s a list of what fashion will be walking down the runway in Black Chrome.

On the left, a man in a futuristic business suit. On the right, a man in a shiny yellow puffy jacket.
  • Corporate Island by Nu-Tek. Armor for the boardroom!
  • The Dirk Combat Jacket by Zhukova International (pictured above, art by Bad Moon Art Studio). Armor & Fashion.
  • Executive Armor by Torrell and Chiang (pictured above, art by Tek Tan). Armor. Fashion. Autorepair features.
  • Fire Brand Bunker Gear. Armor trusted by the best firefighters.
  • Laser Light Street Jacket. Armor. Fashion. Light Tattoo?
  • Lotos Netsuit. For the Netrunner. When a normal Bodyweight Suit isn’t enough.
  • Masetto AirRider. Armor designed to protect against crashes.
  • Masetto Holo-Wear. Why wear cloth when you can wear light?
  • MechaMan Motorcycle Helmet. The perfect motorcycle helmet. Drive with your headlights off.
  • MechaMan Smart Glove. Like a Battleglove but smaller, leaner, and cheaper.
  • Mimic Clothing Kit. Turn your fashion into armor!
  • Montage Variable Clothing Line. Armor with pattern and color changing capability.
  • Shock Armor by Gibson Battlegear. Anti-grapple armor.
  • SkidRow Trench. The classic armored trenchcoat.
  • Street Viper Riding Suit by Zonda. Riding armor with blades to help you slide on your bike.
  • Tactical Smart Armor by Gibson Battlegear. Armor with visual enhancing capabilities.

That’s it for this week, choombas! We’ll be back next Friday with another preview of Black Chrome where we’ll highlight the entertainment, lifestyle, security, and survival gear options available!

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