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Black Chrome Sneak Peek Mark 4

Hey there, choombas! We’re sorry for missing the update last Friday but, due to illness, a need to rest and recover was in order. To make up for it, we’ll have two sneak peeks this week. One today (2/13) and one on Friday (2/17).

Today, we’ll be peeking at the both the general gear and linear frames you’ll find in Black Chrome, our upcoming tech and style guide for Cyberpunk RED. And since we know you’re here for the peek and not our rambling, let’s jump right to it!

Mister Biscuit Multi-Food Processor.

Weapons and cyberware are all well and good, but you never know when a piece of more general gear might save the day. Or, at least, provide flavor to your campaign! Here’s what you’ll be exploring in Black Chrome.

  • ChipVault by SecSystems. A carry case for all sorts of chips. Though not for Kibble chips.
  • The Drink Master 3000. A portable drink mixer. With backpack straps!
  • Everest VentureWare AirWell 50. Make water from nothing. A Nomad’s best friend.
  • Everest VentureWare One Touch Habitat. A climate-control tent you can set up with a button push.
  • Hydrosubsidium Universal Aqualung. This season’s latest gift. Breathe under water in style!
  • Jeeves Executive Garment Bag. Store clothes. Clean clothes. Fix clothes.
  • KillStrom Banshee Microphone. A head-mounted mike to make you sound great.
  • KillStrom Sonic Boom Amp. When you need your sound to burst eardrums, get one of these.
  • KillStrom Typhoid Speaker. Make your Sonic Boom amp louder and prouder.
  • KTech Doberman 500. A good dog drone. Capable of bodyguarding and tracking.
  • KTech Doberman 500 Marking Scent. Enhance the capabilities of the Doberman’s tracking mode.
  • Laser Light Electric Guitar. It doesn’t just sound good. It looks good.
  • Mr. Biscuit Multi-Food Processor (pictured above, art by Sebastian Szmyd). We found a way to make food less appealing than Kibble!
  • Petrochem Nitro UItra9. A fuel additive. Make your car faster (and more explosive).
  • RapiDeploy Sheath. Durable and moldable weapon holster.
  • Shower-in-a-Can. The classic way to avoid cleaning yourself and still smell good.
  • SovOil Lubricants. A variety of lubricants for a variety of purposes.
  • Streetcase by SecSystems. The ultimate executive briefcase.
  • Triti-Fizz. Continental Brand’s bestselling soft drink.
  • WorldSat Aerial Sphere. Sometimes you need to send an email even when you’re in the Badlands.
  • Zetatech Porta-Printer. A Tech workshop you can wear on your back.
EL-F4-NT Linear Frame.

As for Linear Frames? Here’s the four you’ll find in Black Chrome.

  • EL-F4-NT. An external only construction frame by Zhirafa (picture above, art by Torben Weit).
  • Fūma Kotarō. A strong, stealthy frame made to Yakuza specifications. Internal and external.
  • LF-001 SWAT. Climb high. Swim fast. Made by Polska Cybertech. Internal and external.
  • Vermilion Linear Frame. From the makers of the Romanova cyberleg comes the sleekest and fastest linear frame on the market. Internal and external.

Thanks for sticking with us for these previews! On Friday, we’ll dip into vehicles and show off what you’ll be able to fly, drive, and ride thanks to Black Chrome! Until then, stay safe on The Street.

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