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Black Chrome Sneak Peek Mark 5 + VTT News!

Good morning, choombas! Have we got some Cyberpunk RED news today! We’ll lead with the VTTs and move onto the sneak peek!

Fantasy Grounds and Roll20

An official Cyberpunk RED compendium is now available for Fantasy Grounds Unity! Coded by Edward Patch, Sean Schnell, and Zane Toman, the compendium contains the full core rulebook with all hyperlinked and automation content you’d want from a VTT module. We’ve played with it quite a bit ourselves and know this is quality stuff! They’ve also made several of our DLCs available via the Forge and are currently working on The Cyberpunk RED Data Pack and Tales of the RED: Street Stories.

A screen from the Fantasy Grounds Unity of Cyberpunk RED, showing off character generation.

You can pick up the module from the store over at Fantasy Grounds or, if you prefer, via your Steam account.

And if Roll20 is your VTT of choice, good news there as well! Our partners at Roll20 have not only released a nice quantity of our free DLCs for use on the platform but have also just released Tales of the RED: Street Stories, allowing you to import and run those missions for your online game! Roll20’s version of Tales of the RED: Street Stories comes with in-app drag and drop of stat blocks, maps with GM layer info and dynamic lighting support, and tokens ready to go! You can grab it from their store.

Black Chrome Sneak Peek: Vehicles

We talk a lot about The Street in Cyberpunk RED. Usually we mean the collective culture and society of the underbelly of Night City but, today, we’re going to talk about the actual streets. Or, at least, some of the vehicles on and above them. In other words, let’s preview the cars, trucks, bikes, gyrocopters, AVs, and other forms of transport you’ll find in Black Chrome. They fall into two categories. Air and land. We’ll start alphabetically with air vehicles and follow up with the land vehicles!

A SH-45 Patroller. It is a yellow one seat gyrocopter flying through an urban landscape.
  • SH-45 Patroller. Dayton Aeronautics best and most adorable one-seat gyrocopter yet (pictured above, art by Toben Weit).
  • SH-45 Patroller Law. The police variant, with extra bulletproofing in the cockpit glass and a machine gun.
  • Dayton TDT-004. A troop transport helicopter at a price undercutting Militech’s offerings.
  • Tanson Bellhop. From Tanson Group comes the trendiest transport copter around! This tiny, one-seat gyrocopter folds up into a rolling suitcase shape for easy transport.
  • Zetatech AeroCop. The armored police variant of the AeroVox, Zetatech’s economy-class aerodyne.
  • Zetatech AeroVox. A full-size aerodyne for the up-and-coming corporate market.
  • Zetatech Destination. A compact aerodyne. The future begins with Z!
  • Zetatech Herakles. Designed for both troop transport and ground control, this aerodyne will get your operatives in and provide support while they do their job.
A TetraCorp America MegaHauler. A massive truck hauling three cargo containers in sequence. It has a huge plot on the front.
  • AmeriCar EconoCompact. AmeriCar rose from the ashes of New American Motors and their first offering was this no-frills, reliable three seat car.
  • AmeriCar Family Star Van. The tin standard in six seat family vehicles!
  • Diego Motors Chupacabra. The bastard child of an off-roader and a military vehicle that dreamed of being a muscle car when it grew up. Plenty of space and plenty of speed.
  • Diego Motors Range Trike. Diego Motors, run by an offshoot of the Jode family, makes one hell of an armored trike bike.
  • The Grundy. What happens when a Polish salvage company needs to clear space in their junkyard? They create the Grundy out of scrap armor, truck parts, and construction plows.
  • The Harvey 100. AmeriCar’s “frankenbike” represents the standard of motorcycles in the US today!
  • The Harriet 100. The marketing folk at AmeriCar decided “fashion-forward parts” and built-in saddlebags would appeal to the “femme-identifying market”. Customers of all genders honestly just appreciated the saddlebags.
  • The Harvey Merc. What happens when you take a Harvey and add aftermarket weapons? You get a Harvey Merc.
  • Highway Master Artemis. Brennan’s super luxury, enclosed groundbike with supercharge capabilities, allowing it to run like a superbike for short periods of time.
  • Kaukaz Volkhov. A multipurpose armored truck with a big ass machine gun attached. Every purchase comes with a bottle of real vodka.
  • Makigai Ebi. Reliable. Adorable. And friendly! Meet the Makigai Ebi. The cutest hatchback on the planet.
  • Militech Gorgon Security Van. Does what it says on the tin. Tough enough to get your squad into any firefight and back out again.
  • The Zacatzontli Pickup Truck. A bestseller in Central America and a favorite among Nomads, the Zacatzontli offers off-road power, housing, and storage, and comes with a number of accessories to help you survive in the Badlands.
  • The Paladin 500. Custom designed by Turbo Neon Motors of Night City. This is the neon-soaked, bullet-spitting high performance groundcar of your dreams.
  • Quandra Thunder-X. A classic American muscle car for the modern era.
  • Street King Combat Vehicle. Another offering from Turbo Neon Motors, the Street King reimagines the classic military transport for survival in the urban jungle.
  • Tanson JetBoy Hoverboard. Why roll when you can hover? The JetBoy lets you live out your dreams of going “back to the future” in style, one foot above the ground.
  • TetraCorp America MegaHauler. The land train cometh! Heavily armored and capable of hauling three full cargo container units thanks to its second, back mounted engine (pictured above, art by Anselm Zielonka).
  • TetraCorp America Badger Corporate Bus. The Corporate Bus is coming! And everybody’s jumping! Inside you’ll find a mobile corporate board room. And when the meeting’s over, convert it into a mobile party bus!
  • Yang’s Wheels Rickshaw. Night City bicycle monarch Gabriel Yang brings his salvage sensibility to the motorized public transport market.
  • Zonda Molly 1K. The design hasn’t changed since the early 2000s. This two-seater is the backbone workhorses of many a Nomad family despite the lack of interface plug combability.
  • Zonda Parallax Cybercycle. THE superbike of the 2040s!
  • Zonda Sliver. A tough little roadbike stuffed with gadgets to keep you in contact with friends and allies no matter where you go.

That’s all for this week! Join us next Friday, when we’ll be showing off the final category of gear from Black Chrome: weapons!

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