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RTG Gen Con GM Call!

Hello friends! Gen Con 2023 is months away but we’re preparing for it now! We’ll be running dozens upon dozens of games and, this year, we’re going to need help doing it!

Friends, we’re gonna need Gamemasters.

Want to Sign Up?

Here are our requirements for GMs at Gen Con 2023.

  • You’re 18 years of age or older.
  • You’re friendly, patient, reliable, showered when you show up at the table, and able to handle the loud and intense experience of running a game in a room full of other people running and playing games.
  • You’re can be at Gen Con 2023.

That’s it!

What Games?

This year we’re looking for GMs who can run Cyberpunk RED, The Witcher TTRPG, and Castle Falkenstein. Our games will run from 2 hours long (introductory sessions) to 4 hours long (more in-depth sessions).

GM Rewards

If you’re GMing for us, you’ll be rewarded for it!

  • All GMs will receive $10 credit at our Gen Con booth for every hour’s worth of game they run.
  • All GMs will receive at least one R. Talsorian Games GM t-shirt.
  • If you run 12 or more hours worth of games, you get your badge for free!*

*You will need to purchase a badge in advance in order to obtain a hotel room via the Gen Con housing block (and quite possibly you already have at this point). If you qualify for a free badge with us we will either arrange for a GM Badge for you at the convention or refund you the purchase price of your badge. If you are getting a GM Badge, you’ll be refunded your original purchase by Gen Con (but will keep the hotel room) and need to pick up the new badge at the convention. Please note, R. Talsorian Games is not providing hotel rooms, transportation, or covering other costs incurred.

Signing Up!

Want to GM our games at Gen Con? Here’s what happens next.

  • First, you’ll sign up using the handy dandy form you’ll find at this link. You must sign up by April 24, 2023.
  • Second, we’ll process all the sign ups and make decisions. Signing up isn’t a guarantee we’ll tap you to GM and priority will be given to people who have run tables for us before.
  • Third, we’ll contact you to let you know what’s up. Even if we decide we can’t use your help GMing, we’ll let you know.
  • Fourth, we’ll begin working out the specifics. You’ll receive a digital copy of the adventure you’ll be running (all games are already submitted with specific descriptions, so you will be running adventures we prepare) so you have time to plan. We’ll figure out schedules and badge details. And you’ll receive our guidelines on GMing rules and expected behavior while you’re at the table.
  • Five, you come to Gen Con 2023 and run your games!

And that’s it! We want to make this our best Gen Con ever and we need your help! If you’re ready to sign up as part of the RTG Crew at Gen Con fill out the form at this link and we’ll get back to you by late April/early May.

Thank you!




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