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Cyberpunk RED Alert: March DLC

Welcome to spring, choombas! At least, it is in Night City. Or so they tell us, anyway. We’re having trouble telling the difference.

This month’s DLC is incredibly special as it comes not from our hearts but from the heart and brains of Cyberpunk legend JonJonTheWise. If you’re not in the know, JonJon is a long-time Cyberpunk fan who adopted RED with gusto, entered the “influencer” sphere, and created a channel dedicated to tabletop gaming, with a heavy emphasis on Cyberpunk RED – with videos dedicated to entertaining through Actual Play, discussions of rules, and regular monthly broadcast meetings with our very own James Hutt to talk about our monthly DLCs, new books, and answer questions related to the game.

In other words, we’re pleased as hell to bring you the March 2023 Cyberpunk RED DLC, Listen Up! to JonJonTheWise.

Jon Jon the Wise, a handsome, bearded man wearing high tech, red glowing mirrorshades rules the scene from behind a Cyberpunk RED gamemaster screen. His right hand, chromed up, points to you, inviting you into the game. Yellow Cyberpunk dice float in his uplifted left hand. Behind him is a gamer's trove of merch and trophies.

You can download Listen Up! to JonJonTheWise from our download section or by clicking on this link.

We’ll be back soon with the April Cyberpunk RED DLC. Until then, stay safe on The Street!





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