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Interface RED Vol ume 2 is Go + Other Cyberpunk News

Evening, choombas!

News first, then the goodies. We wanted to be sure everyone knows we’re expecting to see the Cyberpunk RED core rulebook’s fourth printing hit our warehouse at the end of the month. Once it is back in stock, we’ll begin selling it again in our webstore and, of course, send out orders to distributors and retailers.

Also, thanks to everyone who ordered a physical copy of Black Chrome directly from us! Our warehouse was overwhelmed by the response so some of you might be experiencing delays in shipping. Please be patient. We’re not going to sacrifice quality of packaging for speed but we are getting the books out to you as soon as possible.

That’s the biz. Now for the fun!

Following up on the heels of Black Chrome, we’re releasing another injection of Dark Future goodness for Cyberpunk RED!

As of this moment, you can navigate your browser of choice over to DriveThruRPG and purchase Interface RED Volume 2 in digital format, as a print on demand book, or both!

The Interface RED series collects a selection of our free monthly DLCs into a single volume to make it easier to navigate on your data display device of choice or to slot onto your bookstore next to the rest of your Cyberpunk RED collection. And, to sweeten the deal, we’re add a bonus article you can’t find anywhere else to each volume!

Interface RED volume 2 shines up and collects the following DLCs.

  • Hardened Mooks & Hardened Lieutenants. If your Crew’s all about the combat, you’ll need these tougher opponents to hit harder, shoot straighter, and stab deeper.
  • Night City Weather. Get the atmosphere of Night City just right with this complete system for generating weather, with rules for everything from mild days to Blood Rain soaked nights.
  • Jumpstart Kit Conversion Guide. Take the Cyberpunk RED Jumpstart Kit missions to the next level with this conversion guide to the full core rules.
  • Cargo Containers & Cube Hotels. Twenty new places to live, designed to fit perfectly into any Edgerunner’s budget.
  • Daeric Sylar’s Guide to Elflines Online. You’ve got the rules for playing Night City’s most popular MMO. Now, you’ll have a full list of dungeons, settlements, and raids, plus a whole bunch of monsters to throw at your digital players.
  • The 12 Days of Gunmas. S.A.N.T.A.’s visited Short Circuit and brought with them a sack full of classic weapons updated for Cyberpunk RED!

As for the bonus article? If you couldn’t tell from the cover up above, we’re bringing back Biotechnica’s (in)famous Bioexotics line! Inside the book you’ll find the rules needed for your PC to be their furred, scaled, or fantastic best with seventeen Bioexotic packages and full rules on how to buy and implement them into your life.

For the time being, Interface RED volume 2 (in both digital and print format) is a DriveThruRPG exclusive so grab it while the grabbing is good!

Until next time, choomba, stay safe on The Street!