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Danger Gal Dossier Sneak Peek Mark 2

Happy weekend, choombas! The RTG Crew is prepping for a trip to the GAMA Expo but we thought we’d take a break and give you another sneak peek at our next upcoming Cyberpunk RED supplement, Danger Gal Dossier.

If you’re not in the know yet, Danger Gal Dossier will be stuffed full of factions and their members, all told from the point of view of the analysis team of Danger Gal, the top private investigation and security firm in the Time of the Red.

This go around, we’re going to share (most of) the factions you’ll be reading about when you browse through Danger Gal Dossier. Let’s go!

6th Street

One part gang, one part veteran’s club, 6th Street’s on the rise with a security contract making them official law enforcement in North Heywood! You’ll be meeting Patton Squad, the premiere team “keeping the peace” in the area, led by Arbiter, the son of 6th Street’s founder, X.


United no more! Now in the midst of a clown civil war, the Bozos have divided into various circuses, each attempting to outprank the others. In Danger Gal Dossier, we’re profiling the circus led by Big Top, the six armed mad Medtech behind the recent Hilaria 2045 event!

Danger Gal Puma Squad

They’ve got their very own animated show and merch! Meet the best and most visible detective team Danger Gal has to offer: the Puma Squad! Do they shine as brightly as their fame suggests? Or is their gleaming image a cover for something more sinister?

The Digital Divas

Obtaining local fame is the first step on the road to stardom for bands these days, and the Digital Divas, a brat-punk trio are rising stars thanks to the shrewd instincts of their manager, Sizzle Jams. Just don’t mind the occasional arson popping up around their concerts.


Not so much a faction as a wide variety of individuals, all ready to help, hinder, oppose, or just drink with your Crew. You’ll be meeting Edgerunners of all stripes, from newbies to veterans.

Generation Red

There’s plenty of kids living on The Street and, just like the adults, they clump together for safety and companionship. Generation Red’s a small cadre of capable kids banded into a YoGang. Are they ready to be recruited into the big time? Or in danger of being wiped out by bigger, meaner, older gangs?


Your favorite boostergang’s back and more deadly than ever. Led by a shrewd choomba named Warlock, they’ve leveled up from autofire targets to a real criminal empire. Just watch out for Crusher. He’s quite literally the biggest, meanest, nastiest threat Cyberpunk RED’s ever seen.


The cops of Precinct #1 are about as dirty as you’d expect but you’ll also find occasional sparkles of idealism in the ranks, just ready to be beaten out. In Danger Gal Dossier you’ll meet one of the city’s premiere cyberpsycho hunters, an Interpol detective, TAC squad officers, beat cops, and even a good boy with cyberware.

Net54 Hayes News Squad

Fiona Hayes has been a staple of Night City’s news scene since the 2010s. How does she stay so young, fresh, and hip? That’s the secret you’ll find out when Danger Gal’s analysts spill the tea on Fiona and her small news crew.

Piranhas Senior Leadership

Most Piranhas don’t last long. The party gang isn’t known for stable membership, after all. The newest leader, Corpse Reviver, is aiming to change that. She’s transformed the Piranhas from a party gang to the gang that THROWS the parties and that’s bringing in both cash and cache.

The Sightseers Nomad Pack

What’s the average Nomad Pack like? Check out the Sightseers, a crew dedicated to transporting people and cargo in and out of Night City. Normally, the Nomads have an understanding with the NCPD when it comes to the law but a recent incident involving the cops of Precinct #1 and two members of the Sightseers might shatter the peace.

Team Monster

You’ve seen their adventures on the interwebs. Now you’ll know their stat blocks and biographies. Nox, Cereal, Too Tall, Lucky, Paladin, and Isolate are here in all their glory, ready to be the rival Edgerunning thorn in your Crew’s side.

Trauma Team Squad NC4-2

What’s an elite Trauma Team Squad like? You’re about to find out. Squad NC4-2 is who they call for elite pickups and they’re bigger, meaner, and better equipped than the average team. Plus, they’ve got enough emotional baggage even their AV can’t carry it all.

Tyger Claws

Thanks to the help of a new patron, the Tyger Claws have reorganized and grown as a force to be reckoned with. They’re one part local security, one part criminal enterprise, one part social security network. Only, the good days seem to be rolling to a close. What happens when the newest Corps backing the Tyger Claws don’t need them anymore?


Not all districts are created equal. While money goes to rebuld the Glen, Little Europe, Pacifica Playland, and others, the Combat Zones are left behind. Some residents of South Night City are tired of waiting for change. They’re taking to The Street to demand it, instead. Meet the Zoners, a slowly organizing movement dedicated to shouting loud and hard to ensure Night City doesn’t forget them.

That’s it for this sneak peek, choombas! We’ll be back in a few weeks with another. Until then, stay safe on The Street!