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Danger Gal Dossier Sneak Peek Mark 3

Happy Friday, choombas! We’re in the midst of layout on Danger Gal Dossier, our upcoming faction and NPC sourcebook for Cyberpunk RED but we thought we’d pause to share another sneak peek of what’s inside!

Today we’re going to talk about how we’re presenting the Factions and the Characters.

The Factions

As we’ve shared previously, you’ll find a sixteen different groups in Danger Gal Dossier, including the Bozos, the Digital Divas, and the Zoners (logos pictured below).

Three logos: A skull-like clown wearing purple, a green and black dog with mirrorshades reading "Digital Divas" and a raised fist against a radiation symbol.

Each faction write-up is written by one of Danger Gal’s analysts and provides an overview, information on the faction’s base of operations, recent history, resources, and goals.

The Characters

As for characters!

Each NPC gets a page of their own, where we’ll reveal their name, an image, a biography, and their stat block. The stat block shares a look similar to the ones from Tales of the RED: Street Stories and Black Chrome. We start with their power level, ranging from Mook to Hardened Boss (yes, we’re bringing rules from the popular Hardened DLCs into Danger Gal Dossier) and Role, move onto Reputation and health info (Seriously Wounded, Death Save, and HP), and then break down STATs, weapons, armor, Skill Bases, Gear, and Cyberware. Curious how it all plays out? Peek below for insight, choombas!

A character sheet for Andre Nez, drummer for the Digital Divas. The image shows a Black, shirtless man with cybrarms wielding huge drumsticks to beat on his drums. The drums are attached to a cyberchair.

The bio reads: André joined the ranks of Militech’s army to protect America’s “national interests” around the globe after growing up an orphan in the streets of Night City. He soon discovered the primal rage and affinity for guns that he used to survive as a streetrat could help him thrive in a military career. At least, until he hit an ethical wall. Discharged after he refused to kill a Nomad kid, André discovered his skills wouldn’t transfer well to private security. It turns out strong moral values were an obstacle to career advancement.
Desperate for work, André joined a building crew in Night City but lost his legs in a construction accident when a GRAF3 stumbled over a beam and landed on him. His employer was surprisingly helpful in the aftermath, helping him obtain a Rocklin Augmentics cyberchair and keeping him on. Still, André found construction work unsatisfying and found a new hobby, projecting the primal rage still beating in his heart from his early youth into playing drums. During his audition for the Digital Divas he unleashed a storm of rhythm so intense the other members of the band still talk about it to this day.
Since joining the band, André has had his Cyberchair modified into a full drum kit with Interface Plugs, allowing him to neurologically experience the sound of his drums. The connection also automatically transmits beats to Firewall (see page 35) for synchronized effects.

By the way, if the art looks familiar? That’s because we borrowed it from our partners at Monster Fight Club.

That’s right! With a few exceptions, every NPC in Danger Gal Dossier has a miniature you can buy and use at your table!

That’s all for this preview. We’ll have more to tell as we get closer to release. In the meantime, stay safe on The Street!

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