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Danger Gal Dossier Sneak Peek Mark 5

We’re less than a month away from the release of Danger Gal Dossier, our upcoming Faction and NPC Guide for Cyberpunk RED! So far, we’ve shown off the factions, talked about the writers/designers bringing the people of Night City to life, given you a peek at a page, and listed some pretty hard-core statistics!

Today, we’ll be sharing four of the Characters you’ll meet in Danger Gal Dossier. We’ve picked four: a Mook, a Lieutenant, a Mini-Boss, and a Boss.

A Bozo in a red, padded jacket, wearing a crude mask and holding two pistols. 

A young woman in a cat-eared hoodie. She has cyberlegs with skatefeet and cybereye. She's holding a makeshift sword.

Technically speaking, the Fool (above-left) isn’t a single Character. When Big Top’s Circus recruits someone new, they sometimes shove a mask over their head, give them some poor quality guns, and point them in the the wrong direction. That’s a Fool. If a Fool survives long enough, they might graduate to full membership in the Bozos but most Fools get their mask from a corpse, not a former trial member. Mook. No Role.

Blades (above-right), meanwhile, is a full member of Generation Red, a YoGang operating out of the Old Combat Zone. In fact, she’s the oldest member of the gang! She’s on the cusp of adulthood and already sporting a significant amount of chrome. Now she has to decide where her future lies: with her old friends? Or some new “friends” hoping to recruit her. Lieutenant. Fixer.

A woman in firefighter gear with a grenade launcher hoisted onto her shoulder.

A woman in a gold, fashionable outfit with an ear-mounted microphone. She has a second, hand-held microphone as well.

Tearjerker (above-left) learned firefighting the old-fashioned way – putting out Petrochom’s oil well fires during the 4th Corporate War. Now, she leads a volunteer firefighting company in South Night City. Not an easy job, especially since she’s also leading a movement advocating for more equity and funding for Night City’s Combat Zones. Mini-Boss. Lawman.

Fiona Hayes (above-right) isn’t just a new reporter – she’s a Night City institution, investigating corruption, scandal, and crime since before the 4th Corporate War! Only, she has a secret. And you’re going to learn all about it in Danger Gal Dossier. Boss. Media.

That’s all for this week, choombas! We’ll be back next week with another Sneak Peek to show off four more Characters with, shall we say, a “Hardened” edge to them. Until then, stay safe on The Street!

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