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Danger Gal Dossier Sneak Peek Mark 6

We’re on track for a release of Danger Gal Dossier, our Faction & NPC Sourcebook for Cyberpunk RED, later this month and we’re feeling like sharing the love a bit more. This week, we’re showing off four more NPCs you’ll meet in Danger Gal Dossier: a Hardened Mook, a Hardened Lieutenant, a Hardened Mini-Boss, and a Hardened Boss.

The Hardened means these NPCs have more Skills, more gear, more cyberware, and usually more combat ability than the standard character of their level. They’re perfect for throwing up against combat-optimized crews.

Left: A figure in green, wearing a glowing gas mask and wielding a shotgun. Right: A woman with a cybernetic arm, wearing a bear ear headband and an orange backpack.

Knock!Knock! (above-left) has fought in all four Corporate Wars. They’re a member of 6th Street’s Davis Squad and they specialize in close-range combat. Otherwise? There’s not much known about them. They don’t socialize. They don’t take off their mask in public, and they’re paid in cash directly after each mission. After four wars? Knock!Knock! wants to do the only job they know how to do and be left alone after. Hardened Mook – Solo.

Naomi Alexis (aka Doc Mittens, above-right) grew up in a Reclaimer family in the badlands of Colorado. After Naomi’s parents sold her little sister in exchange for money to redrill their well, she joined a Nomad Pack, learned how to be a MedTech from their healer, and traveled to Night City. She joined Danger Gal, hoping to find new information on the whereabouts of her lost little sis and serves as Puma Squad’s field medic and forensic specialist. Hardened Lieutenant – Medtech.

Left: A figure wielding a big ass machine gun, wearing a wooden mask, with plant-like green hair. Right: A clown in a tophat and multi-colored tuxedo with four robotic arms in addition to his two flesh ones. He's leaning on an umbrella.

Bazooka Joe’s (above-left) the teeth of the party gang known as the Piranhas. When someone screws with the gang or one of their events, Joe pulls out a tech modified Tsunami Arms Helix and deals with the situation. Joe supports the Piranha’s leader, Corpse Reviver, one hundred percent and ensures the gang’ll live long enough to see her dreams fulfilled. Hardened Mini-Boss – Solo.

With six arms (four of them tipped with fold-out chainblades) and a medical degree, Big Top (above-right) giggles and shines in the center of a flurry of blood, ready to lead his Bozo Circus into a new era of pranks and chaos. Oh, and that video you saw last week? The one of Big Top shoving his Militech Tactical Umbrella down someone’s throat and then opening it? Not a CGI fake. Hardened Boss – Medtech.

That’s all we’ve got for you now. When next we post about Danger Gal Dossier, we’ll be announcing its release. In the meantime, if you would like more previews, we recommend checking out Dice TTRPG on YouTube. Dice has done a great job of introducing several more characters debuting in Danger Gal Dossier.

Until next time, stay safe on The Street!

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