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Danger Gal Dossier Out on August 3

Happy Friday, choombas!

Danger Gal Dossier, our Faction and NPC sourcebook for Cyberpunk RED is done and in our hands!

A physical copy of Danger Gal Dossier.

After discussion, consideration, and consultation we’ve decided to debut Danger Gal Dossier on August 3rd. Here’s the breakdown of what this means.

  • Danger Gal Dossier will be available to purchase on our webstore (physical), on DriveThruRPG (digital), and Roll20 (VTT) starting on August 3rd.
  • It’ll likely be on Fantasy Grounds (VTT) either on August 3rd or not long after.
  • Danger Gal Dossier will be available at the R. Talsorian Games booth at Gen Con 2023. That’s booth 249!
  • Danger Gal Dossier is already beginning to move through the distribution chain. We’re hoping to start seeing it in stores in the United States towards the end of August. International shipping will take longer.

We’ll also be releasing July’s Cyberpunk RED DLC, Danger Gal Dossier+, on the same day (Aug 3). It will not count as August’s DLC, which will come out later in the month.

That’s all for now! We’ll see you at Gen Con!

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