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Danger Gal Dossier Available!

Things are hopping at Gen Con 2023, choombas, so we’re going to keep this brief!

A physical copy of Danger Gal Dossier.

Danger Gal Dossier is now available for sale! You can pick up a physical copy at our webstore or our Gen Con booth (#249) and a digital copy at DriveThruRPG. You can also pick up the VTT version on Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds. In fact, if you visit DriveThruRPG, you can snag the PDF and Roll20 versions together!

We’ve begun moving it through the distribution chain so our hope is to see it in US stores later this month. International stores will take longer. If you pre-order, check with your store to see if they’re part of the Bits and Mortar system. If so, they might be able to swing you a free digital copy.

July DLC

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, we held back on the July DLC so it could release at the same time as Danger Gal Dossier. The July DLC is, fittingly, Danger Gal Dossier+ and it contains ten pages of additional content, including plot hooks for every faction, four additional characters, an additional item, and information about a new Night City gang you’ll meet in The Incident, the mission included in Danger Gal Dossier. Also? Tokens for every character in the book! You can download it by clicking this link.

Don’t worry. August’s DLC will still come towards the end of this month.

DGD Errata

And between printing and now, we did find a few bugs in Danger Gal Dossier. There aren’t but we’re releasing an errata to address them. The bugs are only in the physical book. They’ve already been fixed in the PDF version. You can download the errata by clicking this link.

Right! Time for us to dive back into the Gen Con fray! If you’re there, come visit us at booth #249! Or check out our Q&A seminars!

Until next time, stay safe on The Street!

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