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Cyberpunk RED Alert: August 2023 DLC

Before we begin, we’d like to apologize for our radio silence in the past few weeks. As has become tradition at RTG, Gen Con was followed by illness and our Media Ambassador needed to focus on getting well enough to dive back into work. We’ll be putting out a post tomorrow to discuss Gen Con, our announcements about all of our lines, and other neat and important information.

Now, onto this month’s DLC!

Today’s the day. August 20, 2023. The day the Arasaka Towers went up in a ball of nuclear fire. There’s been a lot of chatter about the day. About what happened. Who was involved. Who brought the nuke. Who pressed the button.

Was it Arasaka, seeking to deny the enemy valuable assets and intelligence? Militech, looking for a decisive victory? Was it Morgan Blackhand, the Solo Supreme? Or Johnny Silverhand, the renegade Rockerboy? Or was it a third party – a group of Edgerunners known only as Strike Team Beta? The events of August 20, 2023 have become a thing of legend and everyone tells a different tale of how the night went down. Whatever happened, a nuke blew and Night City changed.


We do know one thing for sure. That night, Johnny Silverhand vanished. Some say he’s dead. Some say he’s wandering the world, in disguise, still fighting against the Corporations. Some? They think he’s hanging out with Elvis.

Doesn’t matter. What does matter, is he left a legacy. A legacy of music sure but, let’s be honest, a legacy of violence, too. But it wasn’t all power chords and autofire. In his brighter moments, Johnny reached out to help other artists – musicians and makers – as they tried to crawl up and speak truth to power in a world dominated by the Megacorps. One way he helped? Silverhand Studios – a living and workshop space for struggling musicians, artists, and makers.

Silverhand Studios still exists in 2045. It, and nineteen other locations are featured in this month’s Cyberpunk RED DLC: Corporate Conapts and Studio Apartments. If you’re an Exec working for one of the big Corps in Night City? Or if you’re an Edgerunner who’s made it past Cargo Containers and into a proper apartment? Then this DLC is for you.

A floor plan for Silverhand Studios - 8 studio apartments (with bathrooms) set along an upside down L shaped corridor. It reads: Silverhand Studios. Still rocking in 2045!

Time to find out where you live. You can download Corporate Conapts and Studio Apartments in our DLC section or by clicking on this link.

A solemn August 20th to you call. Until next time, stay safe on The Street.



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