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A Sneak Peek

Cody Pondsmith, the mind behind The Witcher TTRPG, is working on a new project.

We can’t talk much about it.

Not yet.

We gave friends at Gen Con a sneak peek, though, and it wouldn’t be fair not to provide you with the same if you weren’t able to come.

Enjoy… and return on the 31st for another glimpse of what’s coming up in the top secret Project: Blue Moon (true name to come later)!

Night time. A Tori Gate and two glowing lanterns sit in the foreground. Behind it, a set of steps lead to a burning flame, illuminating the forest surrounding the space. In the sky, a full moon shines down.

You’ve seen beyond the mask and now you must make a choice: forget what you’ve seen or leave what you know behind. If you join us, you’ll be able to protect everything you’ve ever known and everything beyond your wildest dreams. Our enemy lurks in the darkest corners of reality. They hide behind masks of deception, waiting to strike.

But remember, once you step through the gate you cannot go back.

Return here on August 31st and your next destination will be revealed.

Don’t miss it.



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