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A Celebration of Cyberpunk: Day Three

“The best Cyberpunk games are a combination of doomed romance, fast action, glittering parties, mean streets and quixotic quests to do the right thing against all odds. It’s a little like Casablanca with cyberware…” Mike Pondsmith as written in Cyberpunk 2020

The Cyberpunk renaissance isn’t just about video games and new editions. We’ve got a few exciting new projects that go beyond picking up a controller or a book and playing at home!

Chronicling the Dark Future

At Gen Con 2018, we also gave the world a first glimpse of Cyberpunk Chronicles. Run by Mister Matt Jordan, Cyberpunk Chronicles will be a living campaign in the grand tradition of organized play, with GMs across the country (and possibly the world) running officially sanctioned adventures which are part of a larger storyline.

A session of Cyberpunk Chronicles at Gen Con 2018. Photo courtesy of Matt Jordan


At Gen Con, Matt and his Cyberpunk Chronicles team ran games from season zero, The Road to Indy, in which the PCs are among a group of hopefuls moving from the big city to settle the now abandoned American Midwest (Indianapolis, in specific). There were nine different scenarios, run multiple times over the four days of Gen Con. The games ran smoothly, were well attended, and helped showcase just what it is Cyberpunk Chronicles hopes to bring to tables at conventions everywhere.

Right now, Matt Jordan is working on a Cyberpunk Chronicles Player’s Guide, which will give gamers the tools they need to create characters for the living campaign. These tools will include background information on the Cyberpunk world as it pertains to the Chronicles campaign as well as notes on how the base rules have been changed or adapted to better suit the needs of a world-wide living campaign. Characters can be taken from game to game and will be able to grow based on the IP earned at the end of an official Chronicles session. Of course, pregens will always be available for anyone who comes to the table without a character in hand.

The Cyberpunk Chronicles Player’s Guide will be available after Cyberpunk Red goes on sale, as Chronicles will be using Red and not Cyberpunk 2020 as its basis. At that point, games will also start popping up on convention schedules as well.

Pens, pregens, and dice for everyone to use at a Cyberpunk Chronicles game at Gen Con 2018. This particular table supplied three different sessions happening at once! Photo courtesy of Matt Jordan.


If you want to know more about Cyberpunk Chronicles, Matt Jordan is putting together a mailing list. To get on it, just shoot him an email at and let him know you’re interested. Be sure to include your name and email address in the body of the email itself. Its easier to cut and paste from the main message than from the header of the email.

All About the Live Action

Over in another corner of the RPG world, Jackalope Live Action Studios has partnered with R. Talsorian Games to create officially licensed LARP (Live Action Roleplaying) events set in the Cyberpunk universe. They are aiming for the first such events to run next year and plan to take the LARP to the next level by including augmented reality and technological enhancements. If you want more information about what Jackalope will be doing when they’re doing it, you can sign up for their newsletter at their website.

A night scene from Jackalope Live Action Studios’ Vampire: the Masquerade LARP, A Night in Question. Photo courtesy of Jackalope Live Action Studios.


We’ll Keep You Informed

Of course, we’re not going to be sitting around doing nothing as time marches on! When there’s more news on both Cyberpunk Chronicles and the Cyberpunk LARP from Jackalope, we’ll be broadcasting it loud and clear here on our blog and through our social media channels. The best way to stay informed about what’s coming up for Cyberpunk is to keep tuned in.

Stay safe on the streets, choombas!

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