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Heh! Rodolf’s Got a Deal For You!

Rodolf Kazmer, merchant and narrator, has pulled up his wagon and has a sampling of items for your The Witcher TRPG character to buy!

Announcing Rodolf’s Wagon! These small supplements for The Witcher TRPG will come out as we make them and be posted on our site’s download (game aids) page for you to add to your game free of charge!

In the inaugural Wagon, Rodolf is selling signaling devices, useful tools, rations, navigation aids, bottles, and (we kid you not) he’s willing to lose his marbles to you.

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  1. Can someone please explain what is exactly means “If lit, the torch has Fire (25%)”? Is this a 25% chance to set target on fire or is it mean that target may be set on fire if only it have some flammable effect like Quick Fire?

    • If someone is hit by the torch (i.e. someone makes an attack check with the torch and succeeds) there’s a 25% chance the target will catch on fire.

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