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CharGen Challenge 1: Cherry Bomb

Creativity is one of the hallmarks of roleplaying games. Full characters can begin as a spark inspired by a television show or a book or a bit of poetry… or a name. Because we love to see what gamers can come up with, we’re introducing a new, semi-regular feature here on the R. Talsorian Games blog. We’ll throw out a name and a few ground rules. You design a character to go with that name, using the rules in question and submit who you made to us. After a week, we’ll post your creations here on the blog.

This isn’t a contest. No one’s going to win anything except the fun of creating and sharing something with the world at large. We claim no ownership to the characters you make. We won’t be publishing them in any of our books and you’re free to post them elsewhere if you like.

With that out of the way, here’s the challenge.

Name: Cherry Bomb

Rule System: Cyberpunk 2020

Books Allowed: Cyberpunk 2020 (core rulebook) only

Chargen Specifics: 

  • Cinematic style (point spending) for Statistics. 75 points.
  • Lifepath, including age, must be randomly rolled. You can choose to reroll up to five times while on the Lifepath (though you cannot reroll age).
  • Any weapons purchased must have an availability of E or C.
  • Any armor purchased must be SP 14 or lower.
  • You cannot take the Running Out of Cash option detailed on page 93.

When you’ve finished, email your version of Cherry Bomb to We’ll be posting the ones we receive in two week’s time, right here on the site.

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