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LARPing in the Dark Future


Want to visit Night City?

Want to pull on your mirrorshades, your trenchcoat, and shine up your chrome to impress your choombas?

Looking for a chance to step away from the table and be Cyberpunk on a bigger stage?


Jackalope Studios will be hosting the Cyberpunk Night City LARP on Memorial Day weekend (May 24th and 25th, 2019). Officially licensed by R. Talsorian Games, the LARP will transform a portion of San Antonio, Texas into the open air market of Carter Street in Night City, California. The LARP takes place after the end of the 4th Corporate War. While not an official part of the timeline, Jackalope has worked with Maximum Mike Pondsmith to be as accurate as the format allows. That means the Cyberpunk Night City LARP will provide one of the first glimpses into the possibilities of the upcoming new edition of the classic RPG, Cyberpunk Red.


Tickets for the event went on sale today! One of the most exciting features of the LARP is the ability to buy “remote tickets”, allowing a certain number of gamers to attend the LARP not in person but online, using terminals and a dedicated internet space (and LARP staff!) to interact with each other and with the on site players.

Here’s the breakdown of ticket types and prices:

  • Solo Ticket: Full access for one player. $256 ($222 for the first 35 buyers).
  • Bonded Ticket: Reduced price in exchange for 3 hours of volunteer staffing. $128.
  • Input/Output: Two solo tickets at a lower price per. $404.
  • Deluxe: First chance at character selection, two nights at the LARP’s official hotel, and costume help from the LARP makeup team. $720.
  • Crew: 4 tickets + customer characters created for your team with help from the LARP staff. $1,337.
  • Platinum Crew: Same as above, but with hotel rooms for two nights. $2,600.
  • Virtual Ticket: Join the LARP from home via the power of the internet! $128.


If you’re interested in attending, don’t wait! There’s a maximum capacity on the venue so only so many people can attend. Pick up your tickets to the first Cyberpunk Night City LARP as soon as possible!

See you in Night City, choombas!





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